Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Can you believe I just registered for all my courses all by myself?

I know. It's crazy.

Seriously, I don't know what it is about it, but every year, and this is the fourth year, registering for courses terrifies me. Even now, when I know what I'm doing, and I only have a certain number of required courses as it is, I was dreading having to sit down and do it. Last year I insisted to Adrianna and Katie that we get together and all do it together.

Anyways, I didn't actually register, as I can't register for courses until Thursday. But I put all my courses in my shopping cart, so all I have to do on Thursday is click a button. Well, two buttons. Two semesters. And more, if you count the buttons I have to click to get to my Student Center, and then to change semesters...well, anyways.

The point is that I did it. And it looks a lot busier than I thought it would, but I also haven't heard back from m department head about whether I can get credit from my years in the youth orchestra. So I registered for everything I need, so I get in, and then if she says I can get credit from that, I can just drop whatever courses I want to.

Even so, I think I've done quite well in organizing my schedule.

*I feel like I should put a disclaimer. In talking about my courses, I'm almost always talking about my lecture courses, i.e. my non-music courses. I do have a lot of music courses, but they're all practical, non-lecture courses.*

Most of my courses are all 200/300 level (that is, first/second year) because they're all electives, with the exception of the one music elective, advanced harmonic analysis. And I'm really only taking that because A) Adrianna (and Katie?) are taking it, and B) the prof is amazing, and I've always liked her courses.

All my courses are on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, which leaves Tuesday and Thursday open for possible work shifts. And none of them come with labs or tutorials.

So that's next year, pretty much all ready to go. I still think it's terrifying. I don't even know why. But this is also the last year to go. Which is still terrifying in it's own way.

I should really go for a walk or something. I feel like I have all this excess registering energy I need to get out of me. Thus the reason for the small paragraphs. (Either that, or I'm just attempting to make excuses for my overuse of the enter key.)

I will possibly talk more about the courses I actually registered for in the future!


"That's why you don't want to get eaten."


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