Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm happy

Quite happy. Some people will know why, some people won't. That's the way life is.

So...yeah. I'm happy. Hm...I can't forget to print out my thing for english, which I'll only get, like 50% for anyways. And I need to fill out my audition form for the NYB. Yay.

Hm...I can't seem to talk a lot tonight. I'm either tired, or happy. Or both. Probably both. I just don't feel like sitting here and posting. I'm kinda scared to go into the kitchen, since my dad's kinda upset with me, although I'm not entirely sure why.

Alright, I'm obviously not being productive here. Band picture...

That's the concert band. I'm not sure why they have an entire row missing...probably because they don't have an entire row of saxes, like we do. Lucky. Who needs saxes...

I'm kidding. =) Randall, Ry, various other saxes, please don't be mad. =)

Alright...I guess I'm off for tonight.


"Happy's your belt!"

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