Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anonymous scenes

(at first, attempted to be put in chronological order, but that plan was soon abandoned)

"A smart person would put this down and just enjoy the rest of the party..."
"You're not a smart person."

"Starting early, are we?"

"That doesn't actually have any in it."
"It has bananas."
"That's not exactly the same."
"But it has bananas."

"I know! Carina, I have this hair..."
"It's Carissa."
"Yeah, Carissa, this hair that just doesn't grow for years and it's never grown!"

"If I hadn't had this much to drink, I probably wouldn't be laying on top of you like this."

"Because only your lower half is inside the hula hoop, only your lower half will be included in the three-some."

"I'm lion hunting!"

"Noo! We're locked in the bathroom! Help!"

"I'm not putting a fish on my head. I haven't had that much to drink yet."

"I do have self control! If somebody asked me for sex right now, I would say no!"

"So, remember when I said I might be on my way?"
"Are you there?"
"I'm kinda there..."

"Hey guys! I got laid twice!"

*dancing with a hula hoop*

*singing and suddenly forgetting the words to the next verse, and abruptly stopping*

"Was there any silliness at this party?"
"What kind of silliness?"
"Drinking silliness."
"Yeah, there was a little."
"Alright, that's good."
"...Apparently I'm really funny..."
"I'm proud of you."

These stories are much more amusing in person. Ask me about them sometime. It's a pretty good laugh. I apologize if you were looking for a really good laugh here. I suddenly found I was kinda reluctant to post too many details here. =P


"So, how did you feel when you woke up this morning?"

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