Monday, June 18, 2007

Random Book Rant

So, I've started this new book. The Romantic. It's kinda neat, and not really like any other book I've ever read. Anyways, there's something in particular that's bugging me about it.

There's this girl and she's totally in love with this guy. However, the guy's an alcoholic, and he's slowly killing himself because he won't stop drinking. Like, he's a totally awesome guy and everything, he just drinks, and he doesn't even drink in front of anybody. He's like the perfect, sweetest guy, and he says the best things, but he's slowlying killing himself, and he knows it! But he won't stop. He tried going to a clinic for treatment, but two months later when he got out he was right back to drinking.

This girl loves him, and he's always telling her he loves her too, and it's so obvious that he does. But he still won't stop drinking. She's told him he's hurting her by doing this to himself, but he doesn't stop. How can he love her, and still hurt her like that? I really don't get it. I'm horribly afraid that this guy will turn out not to be the perfect, sweet guy he seems to be, but I really hope that isn't true. I kinda want to find out why he's doing this, but if it means finding something like that out, I'd rather not know.

This is really bugging me, because although I can understand her emotions, to an extent, and I can follow the story and everything, but there's this one thing I can't understand, and it's how can he do this to himself when it's obviously hurting the girl that he loves, and who loves him? *sigh*

On another note, the girl got pregnant, but only found this out after having two 'light' periods. Hold on a minute, you don't get pregnant, and then have two more periods, no matter how light they are. That's also something I don't quite understand, but I can let it go. *shrugs*

I didn't call the hair place to see if I can get my hair re-dyed before Colorado. Oh well. It doesn't really matter anyways. Still holding my breath...or something. I'm not quite sure how I feel anymore. I'm just going with things. I have a feeling I'm in for another night of boredom on the computer...maybe I'll go to bed early.

Anyways, enough random comments...


"I prefer the term 'wet kitten' to 'drowning rat'."

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