Friday, June 12, 2009

Procrastinating sleep

Once again, I find myself in that odd place. Where, for that moment, I feel like just showing the world who I am. Putting all those silly walls and barriers down for a few moments and just telling everybody my thoughts, my feelings, and myself.

Because sometimes I just get tired of the way everybody, in some way or another, goes about their life pretending to be somebody else. The way we tend to walk around holding a mask in front of us, showing only what we want to be seen, and making the rest up as we go along.

Although I guess that is part of life. Making things up. Improvising. Doing what you need to do to just get through another day and keep moving.

I'm in a pensive mood, but my thoughts won't slow down or organize themselves enough for them to be turning into blogging thoughts. So I shall leave you with that, and the promise that this subject will eventually return. Subjects like this always return.


"After you've finished practicing everything for your teacher, go back and practice certain passages like this, for your conductor."

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