Monday, June 29, 2009

'Tis a silly place

I've been quiet for the past little while, having nothing really to say other than how it's summer, and I'm being almost entirely unproductive.

Therefore, I give you another silly post about Harry Potter.

For those unaware, there is a Harry Potter Musical, done by a bunch of people and posted on YouTube. I have yet to watch it, but it is definitely something I'm planning on doing. I've heard it's very funny, and a couple of my die-hard Harry Potter fans have told me that what makes it funny is it's a parody that's done by actual Harry Potter fans, as opposed to Harry Potter haters.

For some reason, I find parodies are always funnier (more funny?) when they're done by fans, instead of haters. Does anybody have a theory on why that is?

Unfortunately, it had to be taken off YouTube for a while, due to copyright issues or something. Apparently there's a video of one of the people involved explaining exactly what's going on, and saying that they're just tweaking things a bit and then they'll put it back up.

Which, naturally, lead to a very amusing conversation between me and my brother, discussing how things could be tweaked.

My first suggestion was to call it Parry Hotter, the Musical. That lead us to make up other names such as Gryffinclaw, Ravendor, Slytherpuff, and Hufflin.

And for some reason we decided that all Hufflin's are gangsters, all Slytherpuff's smoke, Gryffinclaw's fight a lot and Ravendors...well, I don't think we every found a purpose for the Ravendors.

Then I started thinking about the house names and animals. Ravenclaw, pretty apparent that it's animal would be a raven, or at lest some sort of bird. Slytherin, sounds very snake like to me. Gryffindor has the sound of a lion...gryffin and all. But Hufflepuff? Where does one get the idea for a badger from that?

Maybe they should have called it something more appropriate, like Hufflebadger, or Badgerpuff. Personally, I'm all for the second. In which case, the symbol for such a house should be a badger holding a cigarette.

Which of course would call into question the issue of animal rights, which would force us to tell everybody that it's an animagus, so no damage to animals was really done.

In other news, I saw my first Harry Potter trailer yesterday for the new movie, and now I'm so excited.


"How do Slurpees work anyways? I mean, I understand putting ice into your drink. But putting drink into ice?"


Musica Diabolos said...

There is a rumour that the musical will be called The Musical That Must Not Be Named. Which I think is funny. I also think the Badgerpuff idea is amazing.
22 days til we see it!
Love, Erika

tango said...

I like "Parry Hotter".
I like the musical idea.
For some reason, Harry Potter doesn't seem musical.
Lord of the Rings seems musical.
The Rowling girl took someone to court. Wish I could remember the details. He lost. I remember that part.