Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For kicks and giggles

Perfect Boyfriend Survey


About how tall would he be - Taller than me.
Shoe size - I don't care.
Skinny or fat - Skinny.
Buff or normal - Hm...either one, although not overly buff.
Six-pack - It would be a perk.
Hair style - Whatever.
Color hair - Doesn't matter.
Eye color - Again, doesn't matter.
Dark, Tan, or Light Skin - See above.
Glasses or contacts - Getting tired of repeating myself...
Piercing - If it works, sure.
Braces or no braces - Either.
Scars - Scars add character...sure, why not...
Eyebrows - Um...yes...?
Big butt or little butt? - As long as it looks good. Although I tend to go for guys who have pretty much no butt whatsoever, so...
Chest hair - Preferably minimal.
Do you really care what he looks like? I guess not. Although I'll admit it is what gets my attention first.


Nice or mean - Nice.
Would he be caring - Of course.
Is he the sensitive type or the kinky type - Mostly sensitive...but a touch of kinkiness does keep things exciting, I will admit.
Would he be afraid to show his feelings - Not overly so.
Jealous type? - Jealous enough, not to the point of being super over-protective.
Flirty - To me, yes.
Protective - Yup, again, not overly so.
Funny or serious - Both.
Outgoing or shy - Both.
Lazy - Lazy enough so that I don't have to feel self-conscious about my own laziness.
Sarcastic or sincere- Both, please.
Music - He'd better be interested in music.


Does he have a lot of girlfriends - Friends who are girls, sure, why not.
Would he hang out with you or his friends - Preferably we'd have mutual friends so it wouldn't be an issue.
Would he hang out with your friends - It'd be nice, of course.
Party or stay home - Party, and then we'd go home. ;) lol
Would he have a lot of friends - Sure, why not.
Smart or stupid - Smart, but not so much that I'm self-conscious around him.
Would he put his friends before you? - If necessary, but not all the time.
Would he drink - Doesn't matter, as long as he's not bent on getting wasted every other night.
Would he smoke? - Nope.
Would he do drugs - Depends on how often and what he's doing.
Would he tell you he loves you - If he means it, yes.
Would he act different around his friends - No, thank you very much.


Hold hands - Oh yes.
Kiss you - It'd be a nice touch, yes.
Hug you from behind - Yes please.
Would he call you 'hunny, sweety, baby' - Another more personal nickname would be nice, but I'll take those as long as he's sincere with them.
Will he open doors for you - Yes he would.
Will he pull out chairs for you - Aw...yes. =)
Would he surprise you - In a good way, of course.
Remember your anniversary - The more important ones, yes.
Would he lay under the stars with you - Definitely.
Watch the sunrise with you - Hell no. That means I'd have to get up early. Let's revise that plan a little...Would he come over before sunrise to be with me as soon as I wake up? Definite yes.
Write love letters - As long as they're sincere and not just corny stuff, yes.
Write poems about you - Ooh, yes please.
Would he cook for you? - Definitely.
Would he sing for you? - Oh yes.

So there you go. If you see anybody who may meet this qualifications, let me know. Hehe.

I must be off to do homework. I actually have to do some tonight. Go figure. Though it still won't be as much as I should get done.


"As in, anybody who will have her."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah...I wish I had a boyfriend. Oh well.