Thursday, December 06, 2007


Musical Theater did this neat thing before our Beauty and the Beast performances. I thought they were really cool, if not a little confusing in some cases. We did all of these while lying on our backs, with our eyes closed and breathing deeply (which is almost my favorite thing in the world to do).

Journey #1

The situation: Imagine you're lying on the most comfortable couch, with the best material / fabric, and you just sink into it. You realize there's something inside the couch you're laying on. There's a zipper on the front of the cushion, and you unzip it, and reach inside to pull it out. It's something that you need right now. What is your couch like, and what do you pull out of it?

My couch was so amazing. It was pretty much exactly like Miranda's couch, because it's seriously the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on in my life. Except the fabric on the outside was this really fuzzy the stuff on really fuzzy teddy bears, or on the inside of Chloe's / Randall's hoodie. It's so amazing. But when I reached inside, I didn't find anything. When I thought about what I would pull out, my mind totally drew a blank. What does that mean?

I've thought about it for a long time, and my only conclusion is that I'd rather be sleeping on the couch then searching for stuff inside it. =P

Journey #2 (we didn't actually do this one, but Chloe told me about it in the car, so I thought about it)

You're walking down a beach, and you run into your favorite person there. They hand you a fortune cookie. Who is your favorite person, and what does their fortune cookie say?

Okay, so my favorite person ended up being Ryley. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'm not sure. Anyways, the really confusing part was that the fortune cookie didn't say anything. The paper was just blank. I haven't even thought of an explanation for this one. Maybe he's never said anything really meaningful that would fit on a fortune cookie paper. Who knows. If you can figure this one out, let me know.

Journey #3 (my favorite)

You're in the place where you feel most comfortable, and your favorite person is there. They hand you a rose, but this is a special rose. Every time you pick one of the petals, it says something nice and encouraging to you. When you get to the last petal, it says the best thing, the thing you really need to hear right now. Where is your place, what is your special person, and what is the last message from your rose?

My place was my bedroom. Which makes perfect sense. It's been the place where I feel most comfortable since probably the dawn of time itself. There've been other places where I've felt comfortable, but my room's the only one that really stays consistent. Anyways, my favorite person was Ryley again. Explain that one to me. And while we were thinking about this, I was so scared that my rose just wouldn't say anything, just like I couldn't find anything in my couch, or no message in my fortune cookie. But when it came time for me to pick that last petal off, it did say something. It said "You'll make it. You'll be able to get where you want to go." Which was so great, I loved it so much.

I've figured out that loving someone is different than being in love with them. It's a relieving thing to discover.

I had a claustrophobic moment tonight. It wasn't very enjoyable, especially since I normally don't have a huge personal bubble. Oh well. I lived.


"Good job for...almost...not crying."

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun...interesting and rather confusing...but fun. I wonder what I would have gotten.