Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stalling for time

I was at the university today, sitting in a practice room with Melissa, listening to Heather and Mike play Nicole's composition for her. It was really fun. At some point in there it suddenly hit me how I was in a room with people I've looked up to for over a year, and just hanging out with them and having fun. I don't know why it hit me so hard at that moment, I've been hanging out with them all year. But this time we were all in one little place. I dunno. It was neat.

It also made me insanely happy. One of those bursts of joy moments and I was only slightly disappointed that I wasn't in a position where I could express it. But it was awesome. It also hit me how I'm going to be like them next year. It's such a neat feeling. There are so many things I think and dream about. I've been thinking about being a university music student like them for so long. And now suddenly I'm almost there. On the one hand, it doesn't seem as big a deal...but at the same time, it totally is.

I'm so excited.

Remember when I was talking about judging people? I realized I do this the most in public bathrooms. Not kidding. I generally see two types of people in the bathrooms. There are girls who are there for the sole purpose of actually using the bathroom for what it's there for. And I don't mind them. And then there are the girls who stand in front of the mirror doing their hair, or their make-up, and complaining about their hair and make-up if they have friends there with them. And I instantly have little to no respect for them. Actually. I'm really not sure why I have this inexplicable dislike of girls who stand in front of the mirror in public bathrooms worrying about how they look.

I mean, really worrying about how they look. I have no problem with just the flattening hair business. I do that all the time. But that takes two seconds. Glance at yourself, smooth hair down with hand, and you're done. But actually attempting to style your hair in the bathroom? No.

Maybe it's just because I care very little about how I look at school. I'll make sure I look presentable before I leave the house and everything, but it's not like I walk around at school thinking I have to be ready for a photo shoot at every corner.

I've probably ranted about this enough for you to get the point. I should probably stop while I'm ahead.

Time to go pack.


"Aren't we supposed to come in from opposite sides of the stage? And wasn't that our cue?"

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