Friday, April 25, 2008


Wasn't there a time when people actually believed in things? Truly believe, to the extent where it wasn't even a question of believing, it was just fact. When people believed in things that seem like only fairy tales now. Things like magic and dragons. Like when you were little, and you believed that when nobody was home, your stuffed animals would come alive and have their own adventures in your house. Like that movement out of the corner of your eye, the mysterious sound behind you, or the feeling that even trees and flowers have minds, and voices of their own.

There had to be a time when people believed in all of that. I can't imagine that there wasn't one. How else would we know about it, if somebody hadn't, at some point in time, believed it it?

So when did we stop believing it? When did it got from fact, to rumor, to legend, to myth, and then just to plain fantasy and fairy tales? When did we get so caught up in our own reality that we refuse to believe anything we can't see?

I won't stop believing. In books and movies it's always the people who keep believing who seem to end up with a better outlook on life. I know I'm not in a book or a movie. But we're always being told in English class that the best books and movies are made in an attempt to explain life, or some part of it. So isn't that saying a little something about our attempted 'reality'?

When I go to a magic show, I'll believe it's magic. When I'm driving through the mountains, I'll looks for the caves and crevices that dragons would use to lay eggs. When I go to lakes, I'll believe there are creatures underneath, that rarely show themselves to us. I'll believe my stuffed animals think for themselves, and that even the plants, be them inside or out, converse with each other and have unique personalities and thoughts. I'll believe the movement out of the corner of my eye may be a fairy, or sprite, not just a trick of the light, and I'll believe that the mysterious sound behind me was some woodland creature, curious, but still not daring to get too close, instead of dismissing it as a squirrel or bird. And when I go to 'haunted' places, and hear ghost stories, I will believe them.

Call it childish, or silly. I haven't exactly outgrown either of those titles yet, so I suppose you'd be right to use them.

But you can't stop me.

And I will continue to believe in love, even though there are people who are dismissing that as fantasy as well these days.


"He just stopped the beat..."

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