Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guess what

Tomorrow's Thursday! Tomorrow!

I have no idea how I'm going to get through orientation. No idea at all.

Do you think I really need to stay for all of Thursday?

Good University Student Voice: Yes, you do. There's probably some sort of tiny piece of information that's good for you. Besides, you can't get a ride down there until mother is off work anyways.

Self: But I could take transit down there! If it meant I could get there earlier!

Student Voice: No. Just stay, take in information, and then go after.

Sigh. Silly conflicts. Tomorrow better go by fast. Or at least, I'd better be semi interested in what's going on, or else all I'll do is stare at my watch. Which, contrary to popular belief, does not speed up time.

I could stay here thinking of things to write, but the time has come once again, where I must get up early in the morning.


(PS: that was sarcasm.)


"Bowser's castle looks like a casino."
"Hey, even villains have to find ways to pay the bills."


Melda said...

Rofl at the quote. That Bowser.

rachel shea said...