Thursday, June 19, 2008

101 things, in 1001 days

Well, not actually for me. Rather, this is me taking the things from Rae's list that I want to do with her. Then I can say I helped and supported her, and a lot of them (meaning all, really) would be a lot of fun.

Therefore, here are the things I want to do with Rae, sometime in the next 1001 days:

Go on a real hike, on a trail not marked 'easy', with trail mix and everything.
For one month, do one hundred sit ups a day. (Mostly because I might actually do it if I were with her =P)
Do the yoga routine every day for one month.
Go swimming (at least twenty lengths) once a week for six months.
Be goal weight (lose twenty pounds). (We can work towards it together!)

Attend an art show.
Learn to knit and knit a scarf someone would actually wear. (I'll wear it!!)
Make a piece of visual art (like a collage) for the dorm room. (Or just my room)
Learn guitar. The opening lick to Seven Nation Army and the James Bond theme song do not count. (Been a dream of mine since the dawn of time itself.)
Take a stained-glass course. (Much fun!)
Type up my last three journals so I have a legible copy of them. (Partially just because I like typing...but it would also be interesting to go through them...we can have a typing party.)

Buy one pair of impractical underwear just to say I own it. (Because can you imagine that shopping trip? Can you say, 'fun!')
Spend a whole day at a spa, no cellphone.
Buy a 'To Write Love on Her Arms' t-shirt. (You can never have too many t-shirts)

Run a 10K race. Run 60% of the way. (We'll see each other through it)
Jump off the 10m platform at a dive tank
Own a fish. Keep it alive. (I wouldn't mind a fish)
Buy a small bikini and wear it to the pool. Feel good about myself. (Well, maybe not the small part, but everything else, yes)
Own two houseplants. Keep them alive. (Sorry, Rae, I already have 26, but I'll help you through it. Even better, I can give you said two long as you like spider plants)
Take a ballroom dance class. Sign up without a partner. (We'll sign up separately)
Eat at a restaurant and see a movie alone. (I know you said alone, but I want you to know I would do this with you, if said condition wasn't there)
Put 10% of every paycheck into savings account. (Saving is always good)

Donate blood. (This summer, Rae!)

Read War and Peace (It's apparently good...)

Learn enough sign language to be able to have a conversation with my cousins. (Minus the cousin part, but I'd like to know sign language)
Visit Montreal and Vieux-Quebec, speak only French. (Provided I have enough french for that, but I'd like to)
Learn how to say 'love' and 'where is the bathroom?' in fifteen languages. (Three down, twelve to go!) (That's a good friend project.)

Go camping, in a tent, for at least two nights.
Go parasailing.
Swim with dolphins.
Take a self-defense course.
Go snorkeling. (Already done, it's so much fun.)
Kayak at least once in a real lake. (Also, a lot of fun. Except I was in the ocean)

Watch all three LOTR Extended Editions in a row. (Again, summer project!)
Frame at least ten pictures of friends for dorm room. (I need more pictures of my that don't require me to go on facebook to see them...)

If my counting is correct, that's 34 things that I'd like to do with Rae / help her do. 34 out of 101. That's like, one third of all her things.

That comment was random. I apologize.

Except it's my blog, so I don't.

Rae: did you take note of all those things that we could do over the summer before you leave? I hope so. =)

The only other options I had for my blog tonight was a rant about my uncle, or more conversations taken straight from my mind. I figured this option was probably both more interesting, and more sane than those two. Was I right?


"You mean I'm not supposed to be doing anything sexual over the internet? Damn. I suppose that means I have to break up with my five online relationships as well? Yeah, thought so..."


Melda said...

I kinda like your mental conversation, just fyi. They intrigue me greatly.

And yeah, you probably don't need sign language to communicate with your cousins...I should family is half of them...

rachel shea said...



rachel shea said...

Jag a"lskar dig ('dig' pronounced like 'day')

that means I love you, in Swedish.