Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's the Greatest

It is a very rainy day today.

In fact, it is almost the most perfect kind of rainy day. Practically no wind (maybe a slight breeze now and then), and a nice, steady amount of rain. Definitely more than a non-committed spitting, but not quite enough to be considered a down pour. A very nice rain for spring, as it's slow enough for it to actually soak into the ground.

So me and Graham decided to go for a walk down to the corner store with Champ. At first I was going to do my usual thing in the rain, which is wear a jacket to provide warmth, but other than that, just go out and get wet and have fun. However, I tried something new with my hair this morning.

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly mousse. The commercials looked very convincing (as is their job) and I've been thinking I should really start opening up to the fact that my hair would like to curl, instead of trying to force it to be straight all the time. So I invested in some of that, which is meant to create waves, and also in the Totally Twisted mousse, which is more for curls. Of course, then I also went online and bought the type of hair dryer extension you're supposed to use for that mousse. Anyways.

The point is that I used the Tousle Me Softly mousse and had a head of messy waves. I wasn't positive that they looked fantastic, but it was something new to try.

So when me and Graham decided to go for a walk, I stepped outside, and suddenly felt like it was an umbrella like day. I know, I'm not usually a big umbrella person. But the day seemed to call for it, and between keeping my hair the way it was, not being sure if it really looked good, and taking the gamble of how it would look after getting rained on and drying...I decided to try to keep it the the way it was.

Walking with an umbrella really was quite fun. I enjoyed myself.

I got back home, and found out that while humidity makes my hair frizzy, cold moisture outside is actually quite good for my curls. My messy waves turned into a sort of halfway-between-messy-and-neat curls. Which I think is kinda cute. Like, it almost looks neat enough to be turned into a fancy up-do, but they're just a little too much on the causally-messy side to actually do it. I'm glad I'm going out tonight so people can see me.

Joel's piece is being played by the CPO tonight, so I'm excited to hear it. I also spend more money than I really needed to on tickets, because I didn't see the cpossibilities option until after I checked out, which kinda sucked. But it's not a huge deal, it's not like the tickets were super expensive anyways, so I'm not too bothered about it. Just slightly.

Champ's now laying in the living room on top of a couple of towels I put down for him. Normally when he's wet we just leave him outside. But I felt bad for putting him outside in the rain, especially when he was so good on his walk in the rain. So I put down a couple of towels so he could lay in the living room with us. The room kinda smells like wet dog, but I'm okay with that.


"And he's pooping."

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm back!

From nowhere at all. Honestly, being a lazy person, I have no excuse for not posting for so long, other than just being lazy.

To be fair, I haven't had all that much to say. A lot of my life so far this summer is just working and hanging out with people.

Anyways, to make up for my not posting for so long, I shall tell you all about the biggest piece of news I have.

I'm moving out. And I'm pretty excited.

Jocelyn's grandparents own this three bedroom condo, and they're renting it out to her. So the plan is that we're going to have 5 people in this condo. Jocelyn and Greg in one room, me and Ken in another room, and then either Jocelyn's brother or her friend in the last room. I haven't seen the place yet, but Jocelyn says it's a pretty fair sized place. Big enough for five people to live there and not get in each others' space.

Seeing as there will be five people there, rent will be a pretty good deal. Every once in a while I worry about it, but I'm pretty sure once I stop spending money I really don't need to spend, I'll be fine. When I look at my bank statements, most of my withdrawals are for food, coffee, or other things I really didn't need to spend money on. But that's enough of that subject.

We're all pretty excited. It's just a few minutes walk from a train station, so that's super convenient. Apparently it's attached to a rec center, which we'll have full access to, and it also has big rooms we can rent out for parties and stuff. Me and Ken have already done a walk through Ikea, just for some window shopping. We're pretty sure we're going to have lots of fun organizing our room.

So, in other news.

I've discovered, and am starting to appreciate, loose leaf tea. Jocelyn works at Steeps, a tea place in Calgary, which has so many different types and flavors of tea. I'm really having a good time discovering different flavors. And keeping track of my favorites. Ken bought me a very awesome tea mug, which keeps things hot for an entire day. I bought a loose leaf teapot for my mom for Mother's Day. I was debating getting one for myself too, for when I move out, but then Ken reminded me that I'm moving in with Jocelyn, who apparently has quite the extensive teapot collection. So I don't have to worry about that.

I'm apparently going to Banff tomorrow. Ken, his friend Brandon, and his girlfriend Ashley were planning on going to the mountains for a hike or something. I have to work tomorrow evening, but Ken still wanted to invite me. He just texted me tonight and said that they're thinking of just going up for a walk around, lunch, hot springs outing. Which sounds awesome, and should make it pretty easy for us to get back on time for work.

So I hope this makes up a little bit for my recent lack of posting. As I always do when I don't update for a while, I'll try to update more recently, and not suddenly drop off the planet on you guys. Especially when I have no good reason for doing so.


"So I don't need a reason to look at you, but it costs me a kiss?"

Monday, May 03, 2010


So, just a quick note, since I wasn't actually going to blog tonight. I thought about it while waiting for the bus, but I decided I didn't really have anything to say at this particular time.

But then I got home, and did the routine check on my blog, just to see how things are going, and I found that somebody commented on my blog. Not a follower, or a friend, just another blogger. Which made me very happy, because I like it when people comment on my blog. I like hearing people's thoughts on what I'm saying, and it's nice to know people actually read this mess of words I put up here.

That got me thinking that maybe I should comment on blogs more. It makes me happy when people do it for me, so why don't I often do it for other bloggers? It doesn't even have to be complicated. Just something saying I enjoyed their post or something.

Anyways, so that's one thing. Then I looked up this person who commented on my blog, and found their blogs, and looked into those. Then I went to link their blogs to mine, so I'll read them.

This is where things get really interesting. Because (while I was contemplating making a slight layout change) I went to look at any new things I could add to the side there, and guess what I found!

Well, you've probably already noticed it. But it's a search engine for my blog! This is awesome, because it basically eliminates the need for me to tag / label posts, which I've sort of been considering, but that would mean I'd have to go back and do all of them since the dawn of time itself, and I didn't feel like doing that.

Anyways, I highly suggest just playing around with it a little. If you want. I know I did, and I found it super fun. But that's also just me.

But that's really the only thing I have to say for now. The only real layout change I was thinking was to do with the organization of my blog lists. You probably won't notice at all, so no cause for panic.


"Can we go have sex now?"