Saturday, September 30, 2006


I'm still so tired from band camp. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow...and then get tired out all over again by paintball. Oh well. It'll be fun.

Ry worked his last shift at Co-op tonight. That's nice. I hope we can get his soul back...

I'm gonna ask everybody to send me band camp pictures, so I'll probably post a couple of them here. =) Yay.

And...yeah...I'm too tired for this. I'm off for now I guess.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Band camp!

Band camp was so fun! I'm so exhausted! But I honestly miss it so much. My first thoughts getting home was like, "yay, I'm home, sleeping in, and relaxing, and not playing all the time...I miss band camp..."

Anyways, it was really fun. We did a scavenger hunt last night, which was so much fun. Everything worked out so well. I got to wander around in the trees with glowsticks in my hair and around my neck. I ran away from groups when they spotted me. It was fun. Even though I stepped in ankle deep mud, almost lost my show, tripped on stumps, logs, branches, bushes, fell into mud, and nearly killed myself running away from all those was so fun. Especially since a lot of people had trouble finding me, which made it all worth it.

So then after that, me and most of my cabin stayed up until about 2:00 in the morning, and wake up call was at seven. I'm so tired...but it was so much fun. I'm writing a soap opera for the's quite interesting. Especially since very little of it is actually true. Josh wasn't very happy to find out that in the soap opera he's madly in love with Christyne...but I'm not changing it, so he'll have to live with it.

Josh looks so awesome with straight hair. The process was so funny, and looked really painful. Although Kelskie brushing my hair was pretty painful too...but I'm probably more used to my hair being brushed then Josh is. Anyways, I'll have to get everyone to send me all their pictures of that night. I'm thinking of making a slideshow with them. Or something like that. Josh also looks lovely with make-up. =)

Poor Alistair.

Anyways, I could go on about band camp forever, but, as stated above, I am quite tired, and I have CYO practice tomorrow, so I'd better go. You'll probably be hearing more about band camp soon anyways. Speaking of which, I have to find out how many days till next band camp...


Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm not feeling all that awesome. I'm not sick...I'm just not perfectly healthy. So...yes. I'm posting slightly earlier then I usually do...mostly because I kinda want to go to bed...because that would be really nice.

So...yeah...jazz was fun, I actually made a couple of sounds come out of that tenor today, so that was nice. I really want to play the bari...hearing Adam play it today has made me miss it a lot...oh well...that's why there's next year.

Band camp in two days. I'm excited.

Wind Ensemble tomorrow. Children's March. Yay.

G'night now...


Friday, September 22, 2006


Yeah, I'm pretty tired. And I have to get up for CYO tomorrow, so I really should just get to bed.

Today was pretty cool. Played When the Saints go Marching in with the band council, playing a bass line on bassoon, so that was fun. Started a story in english. Listened to Ry, Chris, and Elliot play jazz during lunch. Slept through social. Math was cool. Got a new reed in bassoon lessons. Went to All Cities. Lost my tuner.

My day in a nutshell.

So, yeah, bed would probably be a really good idea right now.


Thursday, September 21, 2006


Yeah, first pre-season game with the Oilers and the Flames. And the Oilers won. I'm happy. Of course.

Anyways, I think I should just play Children's March every morning. I just had an awesome day...and I think it's because I started it with Children's March.

But really, it's going to be so awesome. We have percussion, and a french horn who actually knows how to blast. It's amazing. When he eventually plays his part perfect, I'm just gonna hug him. Because he's going to get it perfect. I'll kill him if he doesn't.

So...yeah. For an amazing day, I actually don't have much to say about it. I did good on my math test. Had a cool talk with Waters while waiting for mom to pick me up after choir. I like chatting with Waters. Very interesting.

Social class wasn't even that bad, because I was still happy from the Children's March. Band council meeting was fun. I love Alistair. lol. He's just so funny. =)

Used the new white board markers for the band room. They're colourful. We're still hiding them, just so I don't have to buy more within two weeks...but whatever. I bought two packs, and Andrea actually chose a good hiding place for the second pack. I just stuck the first one where the old hiding place was, which means people are bound to find it anyways. But whatever. Josh said he was going to steal them...Josh is also funny...

Had realtively little homework tonight. So I had a nice relaxing night again. I should have practiced...but...yeah. I really need to start bringing Freddy around again, now that I'm actually playing half-decently again. Freddy's my practice buddy. He's a frog, and he lives in my pocket when I'm not practicing. Although right now, he's living on the piano lamp. I think he's lonely. I'll bring him tomorrow. First All Cities practice, he has to come for that. I'll put him next to my backpack so I don't forget.

I also need to bring my trombone for Ryley tomorrow. And my alto, so the band council can practice for band camp. Fun stuff.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So yeah, there was jazz practice today, which was fun. I totally hate the tenor that I got from the school. I can hardly play it, and I've talked to at least one person who's had it, and she told me to get another one. So...I dunno. Not to mention that I'm not used to playing flats on sax, so that was a little different. Anyways. I'll figure something out.

But I had no homework tonight! Technically, I should have finished those two social questions, but...I didn't. I did get another thing done for calm, so that's good. I had a pretty relaxing night. Got to play some DS. I also bought some white board markers for the band room after practice today. So now Andrea doesn't have to hide the only good marker we have. Though I'll bet you anything I'll have to get more after two weeks. lesson's coming up and I haven't practiced the Hindemith...not seriously anyways. So...I hope my teacher doesn't totally think I can't play it, because I can...just not right after taking a whole month off bassoon.

So, as of next week, everything that I'm doing this year is starting up, meaning there will not be a weekday where I go directly from school, back home. I won't even get home before 6:00 on any weekday. Fun stuff. But it does mean I'm playing more, which means I'm getting better, so it's all good.

Been having tiny conflicts with myself...just about more music stuff that I really want to join, but kinda don't for various reasons, and not having the time anyways, and...yeah, a bunch of other stuff. But keeping busy also keeps my mind off it, so that's good.



Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Social and calm

I really have to stop titling my posts after whatever homework I've just done. So I'll work on that. Anyways. I did get calm done...and social...mostly, anyways.

Paddock kinda scared me today...I think he was kinda mad that a bunch of people had to leave for choir...but with Paddock, I can only sometimes tell if he's actually mad. So...I decided not to take the chance, and I bolted for the band room door. Which totally broke my heart at the same time, because we're playing the Children's March in Wind Ensemble.

I'm playing tenor in senoir jazz. That should be fun. I hope there's one at school I can use tomorrow...seeing as I don't have one. But if not, I guess I can murder the tenor parts on the soprano.

And...yeah. Life is good. Not much more to say about that. I've spent almost the last 2 hours on the computer, so I'm kinda sick of it. I'll be off now.


P.S: Love you, Ry. =)

Monday, September 18, 2006


Yup...more homework. I actually finished my english without too much trouble. I had most of it done already, but still. And social...I know I shouldn't leave it, but I am. Which is also making me worry, because I have a calm thing due on Friday, and I haven't even started working on it. So I don't know when I'm going to get that done, especially now that all of my music things are starting up again. But I guess I'll have to figure out a time, even if I have to spend all night doing homework sometime this week. Which hopefully won't happen, but you never know.

I did get into senior jazz though, along with Randall. I'm so happy! It's gonna be so much fun. I'm guessing one of us will be put on tenor, seeing as he said he was only going to accept one sax in the first place. So...I dunno. But I'll play anything. He could tell me I'd have to learn trumpet to play in senior jazz, and I swear I'd do my best. Josh also got in, and Erika, so I think senior jazz will be super fun. Although I'm missing Vic Lewis, which will really suck, but whatever.

I'm also missing Chris Weait because of Mexico! I'm so mad. He's this super bassoonist. He taught my teacher, and the teacher I had in Colorado, and he's coming to Calgary for some master classes for the academy. I'll get a lesson with him on Saturday, but I won't be able to be at the masterclass he's having on Monday! I hope my teacher's still organizing a reed making class with him, and hopefully I'll be able to go to that, because I really want to meet him as much as I can, he sounds like an amazing guy. And I'm missing his masterclass!

Hm...Wind Ensemble starts tomorrow. I'll have to talk to Paddock...I have to leave practice at 8:00 for alto sectionals for choir. I'm interested to see which bassoonists will join. I know me and Maggie will be there for sure, but maybe a grade 10 bassoonist or two will show up, which will be interesting.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

BBQ at the neighbors

Yeah, we went two houses down the street to have a BBQ with the neighbors. It was fun. The food was great, and it was good to see everybody again. They also have an adorable little dog named Duffy. He's cute. He's four years old, and still smarter then Champ, who's seven. Anyways, it was fun.

I slept in today...of course, seeing as it's my only day of the week that I can sleep in. Had three pancakes for breakfast, had a shower, and then started on homework. I finished that social essay that's due tomorrow, and got a good chunk of that thing for english done.

I didn't water my plants, like I said I was going to do. I didn't get a chance to do it yesterday, and Saturday is always the day when I water my plants, so I'm kinda worried about them. But they'll live until tomorrow. I also didn't get a chance to practice...which isn't good, because I really need to start practicing again. Oh well.

First academy meeting tomorrow, which should be fun. I get ensemble music, which will be nice. I want to organize my music better this year, although I'm not completely sure how yet. We shall see.

Hopefully I get to find out who made senior jazz tomorrow. That'll be interesting, so I'm looking forward to it.

Anyways, I'm not feeling too good, so I think I'm gonna vanish and get some sleep. Or at least read for while.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Good day

I'm cold. Not really super freezing...but cold. It's snowing now. Not huge snow or anything...but it's certainly not raining. The means it's scarf season. =)

I got to play my bassoon in band today. It was awesome...until we played the march. I don't like that march. It's your typical march. I like other marches, like the Children's March (though I don't technically call that a march) and the March of the Belgian Pararoopers. Fun stuff. There's this one spot on the bell that I can't polish or oil's bugging me...I'll take a closer look at it when I get the time.

Jazz audition went fairly well. I played a couple notes during my solo which I didn't really like, but other then that I think it went well.

All Cities auditions also went really well. I'm really looking forward to All Cities this year.

So, yes, and then we went to Calaway park (in the snow) for some country thing that the station does. It was fun. I dragged Ry along. =) But I hope he had fun too, even though it was pretty cold, and a bunch of the rides were closed.

Hm...I just remembered about ensemble practice tomorrow. I have no clue who's going to show up. Corey suggested 2:30, so I guess I'll show up then...and we'll see from there. This bugs me...I like to know what's going on, and right now I don't...not really. Hm...oh well, we'll see. I also have to talk to / e-mail Andrea about the CPO concert tomorrow night...


Thursday, September 14, 2006


She's home! I missed my bassoon so much, I'm so glad she's back. Fox fixed all the pads, and all the scratches, so she looks brand new again. It's so beautiful. And I can get so much more air through that instrument then the school one. The school bassoon, I was lucky if I could get a quarter of the air I can get through mine. It's amazing. And I can project a lot better. It's amazing. I didn't really practice today. More like just warmed up and went through all my low-range scales. I'm not really sure what I'll do for my All Cities audition. I'm not really sure what she wants. And she already knows But I know all my scales, and I'll bring a bunch of music, so I'll just be able to play whatever.

I did practice sax again. Auditions are tomorrow. Fun fun. I normally don't practice the day of the rehearsal...supposed to be bad luck...but I think I'm gonna practice tomorrow morning at least. I don't have my audition until 2:00. I definatly won't play it just before my audition, that's super bad luck. But I'll run through it a couple of times in the morning.

I actually finished my outline for my social essay. I kinda wanted to get it out of the way...especially so that I don't end up trying to do it all on Sunday night, which usually happens for my essays. I'm gonna have so much homework this weekend. English, social...I should probably do some math...will I? Probably not, but it's the thought that counts. I'll probably try to get another thing done for calm too.

Still kinda nervous about my sax audition. But I think I'll be okay. I know the few scales that he told us we need to know (I'm horrible at scales on sax, but I memorized a couple blues ones...and mixolydian is fairly easy, I memorized at least two), and I'm playing my piece at least a little better then I was. Ry also worked on improv with me this morning, so I'm feeling better about that.

Oh, and we had our first band council meeting today. My first meeting. It was fun. I know the choir wants us to call it music council...but this is my blog, and here, it's band council. Anyways, we mostly talked about things we're going to do at band camp this year. It should be fun.

Hm...I should probably go. Get ready for tomorrow morning, get some sleep. Ha, me get sleep, that's a good one. I always tell people that sleep is good, and then I go and stay up until 2 in the morning when I have to get up at 6. But such is life. It works. At least until I start falling asleep in social...which I think would happen even if I spend 24 hours before the class sleeping, I'd still fall asleep.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. On that note...I shall go...


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Online CALM

So, I didn't get nearly as much homework done tonight as I should have done. I spent a bunch of time practicing sax again, then had dinner. Then I sat down and did some stuff for online calm. And by the time I was tired of that, I was tired in general. So I didn't review all the math I should have, I didn't start on my social essay outline, and I didn't work on my list of 100 things to do before I die for english. But...yeah. It'll work out, even though I said I wouldn't let myself fall behind this year.

So...yeah. I sang a one-line solo in choir today, which was cool. And I went in and out of conciousness in social, as well as watching other people do the same thing. Those are the only things that really stick out from today...oh, and band was fun. Got to play the plastic bassoon. I really want mine back. If it's not back by tomorrow, I'll be really mad.

And I had pizza from the place across the street from the school. Which was good. Yeah...I can't wait for the weekend...and my bassoon...


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Can you believe theory classes this year actually put me in a good mood? Last year I could hardly stand them in a good mood, and if I was already in a bad mood, then you had better watch out when I get out of there. But today I was in such a bad mood going into class, and after the first, like, 10 minutes, I was already happier. It's amazing. I love it. And the theory teacher's awesome. He doesn't teach theory exactly how they say we're supposed to learn it, he teaches it so that we'll understand. He's great. And he's always going off topic too, which is cool. He was explaining how an augmented triad sounds like drifting in space, like Pluto, and then we started talking about how Pluto wasn't a planet, and just a little space rock trying to gather gases and mass to become a gas giant, but it wasn't working, and how he was like Pinoccio how wanted to be a real boy, he wants to be a real planet. Anyways, in the end, we all voted that Pluto should still be a planet, and went on with the lesson. It's so great.

I practiced so much sax today. I really want to be ready for that audition. I don't think I'm going to take that Parker song as fast as it says I should...but it's Parker, so can anybody really play it as fast as it should be? Well, Ry probably can, but I'm not that good, so I'll have to make do with what I can. But I think it's rather good, even though Ry'll probably find a bunch of things I can fix when I practice it at school tomorrow. Which is okay, because then I'll know what to fix, and in the end it'll sound better.

So, because of my extensive practicing, I did no homework. Which is really not good, seeing as I think there's a social essay coming up in the futur, I have to keep up with math, and I should have tried to work on my english. Oh, and I really can't forget about calm online, because that would be bad. But...I also really want to be ready for that audition. I'm kinda scared about the improv part over a 12-bar blues thing he talked about...maybe I'll ask Ry about that...

Anyways...I think my laundry's done, so I should probably go get that. Ooh, and I get to spend all morning in the band room again tomorrow. And band rehearsal too. Although not with my bassoon...but it means we get new music. =)


Monday, September 11, 2006


Another day, another mood, another couple of regrets.

But such is life, right?

Today actually wasn't a bad day. I stayed in the band room from 7:00 to 12:45 today which was fun. I'm thinking of actually keeping track of how much time I spend in the band room, compared to the time I spend at home...just to see how they compare.

Anyways, I'm going to try out for senoir jazz on alto, since they don't need a bari. I'm still kinda worried about it...since there are a bunch of them...but anyways. I figured I go for it and see what happens...I should have done the same thing for vocal jazz...such is the cause of the first line you read.

Yeah, I was upset with my dad yet again tonight. Seems to be happening slightly more often then it used to.

But I practiced alto for a while tonight. Have to get something ready for that audition. I'm trying a couple swing tunes from a Bb fake book...since my Eb book *still* hasn't come in, and Ry was willing to lend me

All this 9/11 stuff on T.V isn't helping my mood much...but now I'm just complaining, so I'll stop. I need to be happier, it's no fun when you're upset, and it certainly doesn't make anybody else any happier either.

But the sooner I go to bed, the sooner I can get up in the morning and leave today behind. So I'd better get started on that.


P.S: I'm also first bassoon in the CYO, which made me super happy. I think CYO's going to be so much fun...once I actually know how to play some of the more insane parts of the pieces. I can't have Mr. Clarinet Lord beside me always beating me at those runs. Actually Mr. Clarinet Lord (a.k.a, Nathan) is actually really nice. But still, I need to learn those parts...and on my bassoon, not that school one. I should write Andrea a letter too...she replied to my last one...anyways...lesson of the night: think happy thoughts.


Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'm pretty tired. I had to get up at about 8:00, which doesn't seem that early, but seeing as I didn't get to bed until 12:30, it didn't add up to much sleep. Had my first CYO practice today. That was fun. Surprisingly, I'm first, but that's only because none of the previous 3 bassoonists stuck around this year, so. But it was really fun. I sit beside Nathan, who's an amazing clarinet player, and we kinda already know each other, so that's good. I really have to practice my parts, but I also really want my own bassoon back. I'm already tired of the school one, and I've only played it twice.

Threw a surprise birthday party for Kelskie yesterday. That was fun. I got hyped up on sugar. Played a game of pool. I serious want to steal her pool table. Just so I have one, because I want one so bad. I hope everyone had fun. Kelskie got some interesting presents. =)

I organized my music today, which is good. It really needed it. Oh, and I'm going to polish that school bassoon before I give it back, because it would actually be much prettier if it was nicely polished.

Alright...I think it's bed time. Saturday nights will be my only day to really sleep in


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Stupid Social

I hate social. I really do. I'm sorry Andrea, I know you love it...but...when I have to look up a dozen different maps just to fill in one map for homework...tedious...

Anyways, I got through that, mostly because I listened to music while doing it, which gave me hope, and reminded me that there was more to life then just social.

I found a breast cancer quarter today. I'm keeping it. I was also thinking of auditioning for jazz choir...but I don't think I will. I don't really have anything to audition with and...yeah, so, I dunno.

We're writing a list of 100 things to do before we die, in english class. It's actually really fun. I'm at 64.

It feels like I've already been going to school for at least a week. Not just two days. It's crazy.

I'm a little random right now...but homework makes me brain dead so...

Apparently we have to audition for senior jazz this year. I'm nervous about that. But I think there's a jazz meeting sometime, so maybe Waters will talk about that and I'll calm down.

My bassoon will be back next week! That's so much earlier then I expected! I'll only be playing a school one for a couple days. I'm so happy.

Can't wait to get a bari tomorrow. I'll have to practice it at school, since the only way my dad would let me rent the bari is if he didn't have to drag it back and forth between school and home. So I'll do most of my practicing on my alto at home. But still. I want to get better at bari.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So, I found out that on Mondays, Wednesdays and every other Friday I get to spend the whole morning in the band room. That made me so happy. I either have band, then choir, or the other way around. It's great.

We had to go to homeroom this morning...I really don't know why. I've heard that we have to go tomorrow too, which I really hope is not true, because I really don't see the point.

We didn't do much in band. Talked about everything I had already heard. So...yeah.

Choir was pretty fun. Talked to people. I sang an F. =) And...that's pretty much all that happened. Oh, and I learned how to breathe. Which is always helpful.

Math is also fun. I love my math teacher. He's really cool. I hope I can actually get used to his teaching style. It's kinda really close to my last teacher...but slightly I hope I can keep up. I should have done more math homework tonight, but after social, I really wasn't in the mood.

Social...was social. All 80 minutes of it. I managed to pay attention for most of it...I think. At least I have an idea of what he was talking about for the class. And I did most of the work...except for the map...but whatever, I hope it's not due tomorrow. Anyways. There's a lot of band people / other people I know in that class, so that's good.

I also listened to my orchestra CD from Colorado again. I love it so much. Orchestra is fun.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First day

This post will be kinda short. I just feel like going to bed right now. I don't really know why...just because.

Anyways, I went in early today to help with the grade 10 orientation. That was fun, except a bunch of the groups thought we were nuts, and weren't willing to dance and sing. Which was super lame, and I'm mad at them. But I met a new music guy who just moved here. He plays grade 9 piano, it's amazing.

It was good to see people again. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I'll see even more people. So that's good.

I had my first theory lesson today, which was actually really fun. Our teacher plays flute, and he is so cool. He's a theory teacher, a performer (he's played with the CPO a couple times), and a composer. Except when he told us about it, it sounded like he does theory and composition more so he can understand the music better then anything else. Anyways, it was really cool. I doubt I'll be falling asleep in theory anymore.

I also found out that Christine, a french horn from CYO, is also in my theory class. Which is funny, because Kelskie was just telling me about her today, and then I met her in my theory class. I found it all quite amusing.

So...bed now, I think. I should have organized all my stuff for tomorrow morning, but whatever.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Last minute shopping

Yeah, so today we went out and bought some last minute school stuff. Notebooks, pencils, pens, folders, etc. Just the little things. Then we went out for lunch at Pelican Pier. I spray-painted a new shelf for my room, seeing as I need more places to put my plants. I have about three just sitting on my bookshelf.

Anyways, other then that I didn't do much. Played Chibi-Robo, Animal Crossing, and a little Super Mario Bros.

I'm actually looking forward to going back tomorrow. Especially since I'll see all my band buddies again! I'm really looking forward to it. And I realized I have a really awesome first term. Choir, English, Band, Social and Math 20. So other then social, it's a pretty awesome term. And I have choir first thing on Monday mornings, which rocks.

So, my dad wants me in bed...for a good night sleep for tomorrow. So I should go, even though I know I won't sleep for another couple of hours.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Quote of the day...

"It's not a day, until you've blogged it,"


Today was another day consisting of nothing of real importance. I played a video game with my brother (Chibi-Robo), then played a little bit of Mario Bros. on DS, then played Animal Crossing on DS. Played a little piano. Read a little. Watched a little tennis.

My dad brought home a bunch of tree branches from his friend's place. Apparently some neighbor was getting rid of a tree, so we got loads more firewood! We used a good chunk of it tonight. Now I smell like smoke. =)

Um...I sent out an e-mail to the ensemble, so we're trying to plan new practice times. So far we just need to hear back from Ryley and Andrea. I really hope they're okay with practicing on weekends, because that's really the easiest (and almost only available) option right now. So we shall see.

Oh, and the axe-murderer never did come in that movie. Two people went mental in cars, and one died. And some blond girl killed a couple people with an ice pick. She was going to kill the cop, who she had been in a relationship with the whole movie, but didn't. And the cop ended up shooting some other brunette girl because he thought she was the bad one. I kept telling him from the middle of the movie that the blond was the creepy one. But no...he fell for her anyways...I was quite dissapointed in that movie...


Saturday, September 02, 2006


Not much really happened today. I did a lot of thinking, which is kinda good, you need days like that. It's healthy. So are showers. I had one today. =) I love showers. parents are watching a movie in the kitchen right now. I was listening, and the music sounded like some axe-murderer was going to jump out and kill this couple. So, naturally, I went to watch. Geez, I stood out there for almost 10 minutes, and no axe-murderer. I'm dissapointed. And, as I'm writing this, I'm listening to more axe-murder music. But there's still no axe-murderer. I told my parents to call me when that element of the movie eventually comes. Hopefully, anyways. dad left the house to do some recycling this morning. So, while I had the house to myself, I played the piano, and actually sang the lyrics too. I don't sing unless I have the house to myself. I suppose that will have to change since I'm joining choir this year. I'm still debating whether to try out for vocal jazz. I want to...I think it'd be fun. But...I dunno. We'll see. =)

I took the dog for a walk with my dad. We went to 7-eleven and got a slurpee. I got DragonFruit. Yeah, really wierd. It was purple. Not a bad slurpee though.

I also beat a couple of bosses on Super Mario for DS. The newest one. And I beat two rounds of Mario Golf against my brother. So I think it was a pretty productive day.

I'm really dreading going back to school without my bassoon. Poor Mia...all the way in the states when school's starting...I really miss her. And I feel kinda insecure going to school without her and having to use a school'll be wierd...but I'm also looking forward to seeing everybody again. It just hit me today that I'll be able to see everybody I haven't seen since early June. I'm excited for that. But my poor baby in the states...=(

Well...I think I'm off to look for that axe-murderer...he better be coming soon...


Brokeback Mountain

Geez, I have a feeling the times / dates for this blog are all screwed up, since I often post sometime later then 12 in the morning. Meaning it dates this as the next day...anyways, moving on...

Yeah, watched Brokeback Mountain again tonight. I also saw it in the theatre with Kelskie. It's not really a movie that I can watch often. But it was still pretty good. I like the music, it's neat.

Anyways, I slept in until 11:50. Which felt really nice. And then when I got up, I found out that my mom and my brother had already got back from clothes shopping, and brought home cinnimon buns, so she heated one up for me. Which also felt nice. Until we both realized I had an eye appointment at 12:00. =) Fun. But she called, and they moved us to 1:40, so it worked out. They put drops in my eyes that made my pupils go huge, so I was pretty much blind in the light for the rest of today. Had to wear sunglasses almost all the time.

Then we went shoe shopping. =) I got a really comfortable pair of sandels...the kind Andrea has, except they're pink and yellow instead of blue and green. I love them. I also got a pair of skater shoes. Black, with hot pink lining. Pretty. I think this is the first year I can remember that I haven't had to get running shoes for school. The perks of not having gym anymore.

Then I took the dog for a quick walk. Got home and went to ensemble practice. It was just me and Corey. Ry had to work, Duncan had something else, I forget, and I don't know why Andrea didn't show up. I'll have to talk to her...

So we played a little, but not much, since I was playing alto instead of bassoon, since it's still in the states. We basically played half of two songs, and then talked, from 4:30 to 6:00. But it was loads of fun. We traded band camp stories (me from Colorado and Red Deer, him from the U of C camp) and talked about music we've played / are playing / want to play / are arranging / are composing. Fun stuff.

I came home and we had a fire in the backyard, where me and my brother burned all of our old school year from last year. Probably not a good idea...I might have wanted to keep some of my notes for some stuff...but I'll pick it all up again. Hopefully. Meh, I'll work it out.

And now, since I got tagged by Kelskie...

Random Bookishness

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences (or paragraph) on your blog along with these instructions:

5. Hundreds of times since Dustfinger had first told her about him, Meggie had tried to picture Capricorn's face. She's thought about it on the way to Elinor's house when Mo was sitting beside her in the van, and in the huge bed there, and finally on the drive here. Hundreds of times?

6. Tag five people. I know five people? I tag Ry, Amy, any of Amy's friends who reads this and wants to do it if they have a blog...and anybody else who happens to read this and wants to do it on their blog. And Kelskie, that includes you, if you'd like to do it again. =)


Friday, September 01, 2006

Jam session

Today was really fun. Like, really fun. It made me happy. =)

Anyways, so Ry picked us up to go to Elliot's place. My brother came along. He ended up playing some of Elliot's spare percussion. Bongos, shakers, etc.

Okay, Elliot has a really nice house. Like, a really nice house. I love it. And I love his basement. And his pool table. His place is so awesome. I want a pool table...anyways, back to the jam...

It was really fun. Ry brought both his tenor and alto. Obviously Elliot and my brother did percussion. I was on my alto. We also had Randall (alto), Andrea (piano), Josh (guitar) and Steve (bass). So it was pretty fun. I was pretty much sightreading all the tunes we played, since I'd only ever played them on a tenor, which is a different key then alto. But it was fun. I shared a fake book with Randall, and I can't wait for mine to come it so I can practice jazz. I also need to work on my in, knowing when to stop. I'm having some trouble with that...

After we stopped playing, and started raiding Elliot's kitchen for food =), I got the feeling that my brother might be getting kinda bored...or just not feeling included. So I called my mom, and she came to pick him up, while we decided to go to Boston Pizza for more food. Which was also fun. The splitting up of the bill was slightly more complicated then I thought it needed to be, but whatever. Teen Titans was also on one of the TVs there. =) That was cool.

Then we headed back to Elliot's place and had a game of pool. I love playing pool, even though I'm not really good at it. It's fun. I want a pool table. Then maybe there'd actually be something at my house to do...=)

Then we watched some TV...which was also fun. Feasted on the leftover pizza. And then everyone pretty much headed out. My ride came about 10 minutes after everybody else left, so I had one last game of pool against Elliot. He suck all the stripes before I got the solids down, but he was never able to sink the 8 ball, which was the only thing that kept him from completely slaughtering me. In the end, we called it a tie.

Fun stuff. =)