Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, remember a few days ago, when I was insisting I wasn't sick?

Yeah, I'm sick.

This morning I was pretty sure how I felt was how people must feel just before they die. It kinda sucked. Just a really sore throat, coughing, runny nose, stuffy head. The works. However, the day wasn't as bad as it really could have been.

First of all, GDP isn't in town, so we just watched a rehearsal as part of conducting, which I pretty much got to nap in. I mean, I paid attention enough to get some details I can write our assignment on, and then I started to let myself doze off. That definitely beats having to conduct with a cold.

Then, since GDP is away, Amy was conducting Wind Ensemble, and she let us out super early. Which gave me a chance to go home and rest. And rest I did. I got home around 3, changed into pajama pants, and basically just crawled into bed. Around 3:30 I dozed off and didn't wake up until 4:45. Then I dozed until 6. At which point I had to go to the bathroom, and I figured I may as well sit up, since I obviously wasn't sleeping anymore.

Anyways, I'm feeling not a whole lot better, but slightly less than death, which I take as a good sign. It could also just be the mentality of staying at home. I forget who I was talking to, but we were saying that you always feel more sick when you have to actually do things, but when you can just rest and stay home, you automatically feel better.

I get this a lot whenever I'm too sick for work. I'll feel terrible, and then as soon as I decide I'm too sick to work, and I call in to say I'm not coming, I instantly feel better. Obviously not 'Oh, I'm magically healthy' better, but just in a better mood. More relaxed, less stressed, less worried. And that just helps with the physical stuff I suppose? That's what I'm going with.

Of course, I'm also of the mindset that mental and emotional health can totally affect your physical health. I also think that they're often the more important than the physical. In certain cases, as least.

I feel my ability to write coherent sentences is starting to leave me. It could be the sickness, the drugs for the sickness, or maybe I've just been sitting up too long and the blood is draining from my head.


"I've had so much drug medication...medication for dru-...drugs...ugh."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh wow

I am getting so good at this stay home spa thing. I had an excellent evening tonight. Except for the fact that I brought my work clothes home even though I didn't need to, and then I didn't pick up groceries even though I probably should have. Oh well. The rest of it was good.

I had one of those awesome baths, where the water is so hot you need to gradually get in the tub to adjust to the heat. My mirrors even fogged up. While I was having my bath. I've never fogged up my mirrors with a bath before. And then once I used all my wonderful moisturizing soaps, and my skin felt all wonderful, I just read my book and soaked for a little bit. So now my skin is wonderfully moisturized, and feels like it will never be dry or itchy again.

Of course, my chest still kinda hurts when I breathe, and I'm trying not to cough. We'll have to see how I feel tomorrow.

In other news, I can't believe we're down to the last four weeks of school. It feels like I have too much to do before the end. Well, I guess I only have one major paper and my recital. I don't really count my English class as anything major. It's practically like revisiting grade 8 English class. Only you actually kinda have to format your assignments.

We're getting another roommate sometime in March. I'm pretty excited to meet him. His name's...Mark? I think. But apparently he has a cat, which is cool.

Oh, and I have curtains! It's amazing. It's like the whole condo complex isn't looking into my bedroom at night anymore.

Another thing I've put on my list of things to do this summer (yes, there is a list. I'll tell you more about it sometime, but I'm trying not to focus on it too much while classes are still happening) is to actually call people and try to hang out with people. I miss a lot of my friends from high school, but university is so stupid and busy, and I hate saying to people, 'hey, we should hang out sometime!' and then never getting around to actually doing it cause I'm too busy. To be honest, I'd much rather wait until I actually do have time to hang out with people, and then give them a call.

I also have this weird fear with people I haven't seen or talked to in a while, that when I call them up they're going to be mad at me for not calling them sooner. That kinda puts a damper on things sometime. Should really get over that.

Anyways. I should get to bed, cause I slept in four out of five days last week, and I cannot let that happen anymore. It's only one more month, I can do school for that much longer. And it's the last stretch in terms of recital practicing, so I have that to focus on as well. I can (and will) make it to the end!


"I've been told I have a great radio face."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chocolate Money

I'd like to take a moment to get a few things straight.

I am not beginning to cough. My chest does not hurt when I breathe. I am not starting to run out of breath when I practice. Neither my head, nor my body, begins to generally ache during the last half of the day.

I am enjoying tea out of my new Calgary zoo mug (of which I plan to collect the whole set). A plan to the grocery store to buy ginger root is planned for the near future (I hear it's very good for you. Especially in tea). Every spare evening I have will be spent drinking tea and relaxing in a tub full of hot water and moisturizing soaps.

My recital is in fact a month away, and although I do think about my stage presence a lot and do not enjoy people making fun of or generally under appreciating the fact that this is a big thing for me, I am not stressing about it.

I hereby declare all of these statements to be true.

So there.

Now, I must mend a squeaky hamster wheel, so that he may exercise, and I may sleep, and we both shall be happy.

The End.


"Have you ever gone to Tim Hortons, not because you wanted Timmy's, but because the line was so short, you felt obligated to go?"

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy. Or losing the ability to count with other people in my general vicinity. Either or.

I realized today I forgot to send in my availability calendar for work, which I always do on the 15th of every single month. And it didn't happen this month.

I've also never screwed up counting cash at work ever. Ever. And yet the last three times I've made mistakes. The first two were because I was talking to new staff, and telling them about stuff. This last one was apparently just because Ken was in the room with me. We weren't talking or anything. He was just sitting while I was counting cash.

In other news, I'm beginning to totally loose all interest in school. Right when all my major papers are due. It's a great time. I really think major projects should be due early in the semester, cause then at least I still have some inclination to work. But now? I have no idea how I'm going to do anything.

I wasn't feeling too well today, but Ken bought the third season for Big Bang Theory, so I think we'll watch some of that tonight. I also kinda have the munchies, and my house is terrible for having munchy things around. It kinda sucks.

It's been one of those weeks in which I just keep telling myself things will get better once this week is done. Plus, there's only really a month left of school, so I have to keep myself going for at least another month. Ken and I also thought of a pretty cool summer project, which I'm now really excited for.

Oh yeah, and my recital's coming up in April. But I'm tired of thinking right now, so I think it's time to find a snack and watch Big Bang.


"Robyn likes her blogs."

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spring Ahead?

Oh wow. I kind of feel like the semester just started, and yet there's only really a month and a half left. Which really isn't that much, especially considering my recital is at the end of that month and a half.

Reader's Digest version of life: Working lots, loving/hating music as always, lost a pet, adopted a pet, have a student, procrastinating, buying (but ironically not drinking) booze, spending money, mooching food, and generally just trying to deal with one day at a time.

Oh, and dutifully taking care of my lucky bamboo plant, and my money tree, which are placed beside each other in my room. My superstitious side is pretty sure they're helping me get through life. Of course, my realistic side thinks that's ridiculous, and sometimes forces me to 'forget' to water them every now and then, just to prove it doesn't make a difference. But that's a story for another time.


"This Christmas is turning out to be rather fishy."
"There's something fishy about this Christmas."