Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alone in English class

Yup, today's my first English class alone. Kelskie said I'd get more work done now that nobody's here to distract me. Do you think that's true? Not at all. Instead of working, I browsed other people's blogs for a while, then I checked out what was going on at Facebook for a while. Then I debated whether to write a note on facebook, or another entry for my blog. Obviously, the blog won.

So, I think the period's going to end in about two minutes. I didn't really start this until the very end of class...there was a bunch of stuff to look at on Facebook, dispite the fact that the majority of my friends are in New York right now. Plus, this computer's not exactly super fast, so it takes things a while to load.

I brought my camera to school today. My new camera. =) I'm going to take pictures and post them on Facebook. Call the album something along the lines of "While You were In New York..."


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's official!

Yup, I officially have the best friends in the whole world. They left for New York today, which, for those who don't know, is where Abe symphonic band is going for our band trip this year. You'll notice I didn't include myself in there. Nope, I made it into National Youth Band, which is unfortunatly at the same time as New York. I had to choose. =P

Anyways, enough of that. The point is that yesterday when we were saying goodbye, everybody was saying that they'll miss me, and that I'll have an amazing time, and they'll bring me back things and pictures. Devra said that she'd get a bunch of pictures for me, and that I've got an amazing opportunity with NYB, which was awesome.

Then today my phone vibrated during physics, so as soon as I could I went to the bathroom and checked it. It was from Kelskie, so I checked the voice message she left me, and it was so awesome. She said they were at the airport, and slightly bored, but they hoped I was doing alright at school and stuff. Then she's like, "So, here's Hannah." And Hannah talked for a while and then was like, "So, here's Chloe," and Chloe talked for a while, and then she was like "And, here's Rebeccah," and Rebeccah talked for a bit. It was soo awesome, and I love them all soooo much, like you can't even imagine. My phone wouldn't let me call them back, but I texted her, saying how much I love them all, and to have a blast.

Then after physics, during lunch, I got a text from Chloe saying she'll miss me and she loves me. Now, I was getting sentimental after that voice message, so now I was like "Aw!!" And so I texted her back too, attempting to express how much I love all of them via text message. =P

So basically after that, almost anything Aidan or Henry did made me think about the awesome friends I have, and how awesome they all are, and how I love all of them! I know I gushed to Corey last night about it, and at lunch I was like "Henry...I love you guys!"

So, there was my discovery of the day. I can't wait until they get back from New York, and I get back from PEI, because I'm totally going to hug all of them, and never let them go!


"Breaking up with a 64 Easy Steps."
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Sunday, April 22, 2007


I know, I know, I haven't posted in a while. I guess I don't really have much to say. I'm sorta kinda trying to figure out various parts of my life right now, which sometimes doesn't leave much time for blogging.

That's soo true. Speaking of which, I really need to start cramming for my exams...well, at least as much as you can 'cram' for a music exam...


"It's Molly on the Shore...if you can play it, you aren't taking it fast enough."

Saturday, April 14, 2007

In the Middle of Nowhere

I've concluded that is where my house is. In the middle of nowhere. At least when it concerns rides and such. I seem to live in some far off little corner not even close to anybody else, meaning if I can't get a ride somewhere, I'm in trouble. Which is what I'm in right now. I either don't go to ensemble rehearsal, or I take, like, a 2 hour bus ride to get there...talking about 3 different busses. Not exactly an appealing thought. And I hate thinking that I'd rather just not go, because I've bugged everybody else about being committed to this, and making sure to find ways to make time for rehearsals and so on. And now I'm not even willing to sacrifice the time it takes to catch a couple busses down there. So, I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about tomorrow.

On top of that, I really need to practice my NYB pieces, or I'm going to be in a lot of trouble...

Anyways, I forgot my music bag for sectionals today, which really made me mad. But sectionals went well, so that's alright. I basically slacked off for the rest of the day. Not a great decision, but it did feel kinda nice.

That's all for now, I guess. It really doesn't feel that late, although it is almost 9:30...I kinda feel like going downstairs to play video games...but I never play video games this late...=P


"If you and the bassoon were trapped in a burning building...I'd have to go for the bassoon..."

Friday, April 13, 2007

Break out the Emergency chocolate

Not the best day ever today. Although I did open my own bank account, and got a bunch of trusts and stuff that was in my name, from various things. So that's cool. I have money. =P Now I just have to start doing stuff to put money in there...because it'll get depressing really fast if I'm always taking money out, and never putting any in.

The rest of the school day wasn't great. I was really not in a people mood. You wouldn't imagine how many people I looked at and just wanted them to go die in a very deep hole. Well, most of them were just random people in the know, the type that stand around in the middle of the halls, in the way of everything, apparently ignoring the fact that maybe other people have places to be, even if they don't. It was a relief when the final bell rang. Although then I was reminded that I had meant to talk to a bunch of people, and I never did. So I attempted to do that in the band room, but I'd get halfway through a conversation with somebody, and then they would suddenly turn and start talking to somebody else. Which was more then a little depressing. It was very nice when Henry asked if I needed a corner, and lead me away from the crowd of people.

I really wasn't in the mood to go to my bassoon lesson. Especially since I hadn't practiced my scales. And of course, that was the first thing she asked me to play. So after failing miserably, she said I had to seriously sit down and learn them. Yippee. After that was better, other then the fact that my reed didn't want to cooperate. She just had me play through both my exam pieces, which I've played through a bunch lately.

All Cities cheered me up, for the most part, which was nice. Bring a friend night was fun, and I hope our Abe friends didn't hate it completely. I did get to sit beside a new bari sax person who came...he was pretty cute. =P

It kinda sucks how one little thing can very quickly make you change your opinion about somebody. It actually really sucks when that one thing makes you lose some (if not a bunch) of respect for said person (and/or people). *sigh*

I wish I were a guy. =P


"In the middle of rehearsal, I'll just yell, "Dan! Ten push-ups!'"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I had the best day I've had in a was pretty cool. I rather liked it. And the Easter bunny brought so much sugar! It'll last me...well, at least another day. =P I came home and all the jubjubes were that was sad...but there's still jellybeans. And I hid all my emergency chocolate, so I can be sure nobody will take it.

My mouth actually isn't that bad after not playing for a week. Wind Ensemble was kinda hard, but I think that was mostly because I didn't warm up properly, and that reed wasn't the best. In fact, there were at least a couple times when I practically chipped the whole corner off. I know it'll break eventually. But while it still works, I might as well keep using it. And my practice after theory class today was amazing. My reed was awesome, other then the fact that it wouldn't play loud in the low register, but I'm sure if I had opened it up it would have done what I needed. But I didn't feel like dealing with my reed. That's what band class is for. =P Don't tell Paddock I said that...he might possibly kill me...

Choir sectionals didn't go too bad today, although I really need to get my singing voice bad. I feel like I have to completely change my voice from high register to low...that's not good. I guess that's what comes from singing high Fs during the spring break. =P

Yay for reading Shakespeare! I really want to read the part of the fool next class...that's awesome. I love that character, he's amazing. That class is slowly causing me to have the complete mind-set of a typical band's slightly frightening.

Okay...I really need to do my physics homework, because I put it off last night, meaning I have to do it all tonight. Hopefully I still remember how to do the lab application questions we're supposed to do. And I'm going to pray I know what to say for my conclusion.

Oh, and I know I've been promising pics of hot guys in Spain for the longest time. And I was honestly going to upload them. But my computer (or blogger, either one) doesn't seem to want to upload pics for me at the moment. But be assured, I haven't forgotten, and they will be posted eventually.


"I can't get it up - sorry."

Monday, April 09, 2007

And they're the dictionary!

Yes indeed, it's always fun having an msn convo with somebody with a larger vocab then yourself. I'm getting in the habit of just keeping up in a seperate window so I can consult it whenever need be.

Yay for rapid mood changes...and emergency chocolate. And yay for Kelskie. She stops me from doing any fool plan that comes into my head. And yay for the Easter bunny. He brings candy. =)

So yes, I haven't posted in a while. I went to Edmonton over the spring break. It was quite fun. Yay for little cousins. Needless to say, I didn't feel like posting while I was there.

It's raining right now. I like rain.

I feel like I have a bunch of stuff to do...hopefully I don't forget anything, although I know I will.

Man, this is a random blog. I'm not really in the mood to go on any full length stories right now.

I need to practice.

I need to do a lot of stuff.


"And you know what you'll say then? 'If only I had listened to Robyn.'"