Monday, May 09, 2011

Sad Face

I'm in a terrible mood. I usually prohibit myself from accessing the internet, which includes facebook and blogging when in said mood, since I'm not a huge fan of people who just whine on the internet to get attention. However, perhaps if I can explain my bad mood to my readers, hopefully without excessive whining, than perhaps I can move on with life.

First of all, I have three dance shifts at the Jack to work in a row. Well, two now. I just finished one today. And although I have previously admitted that I don't like getting up in the morning, I almost wish I had taken the morning shifts. I'd have to get up in the morning, but at least I'd have the late afternoon and evening in which to actually do stuff. Instead, I have the afternoon shift. So I start at 2 and go to 9:30ish. And I don't feel like I can get anything done before my shift. Yes, the time itself is there, but the looming of my shift coming up would definitely be distracting.

As such, I feel like these days will just be spent waking up, going to work, going home, going to bed, and repeating. Which doesn't fill me with a sense of joy for the upcoming days.

Especially since both my birthday and mother's day happened this weekend, and I have yet to actually see my family. And since I have the aforementioned shifts for the next two days, and then another day shift after that at the university, it doesn't seem like I'll actually see my family for a while. Which sucks, cause they had a special dinner tonight which would have been my birthday dinner had I not been working.

And I have a messy room which I would really like to clean, but again, does not look like I'll actually have the time to do until June.

I suppose that's it really. And I did really have a good time doing that gig in Medicine Hat, and I did have a good birthday shopping around in Medicine Hat with Heather, Amy, and Dori. But still. Usually I do something with my family, and that hasn't happened yet. Seeing them hasn't even happened yet. Mom's planning another birthday / Graham's graduation thing, but it looks like I might not even get to do that, because guess where I have to work?

Now I'm going to clean Guimauve's cage, cause it might give me a sense of purpose. Or at least it will distract me for a while.