Saturday, March 24, 2007

Twilight Princess!

So, today I went through an entire dungeon all by myself, with no help from my brother. Well, almost. I mean, he helped me get through the little first part. Then I did the whole middle part of the dungeon myself, although I did check a walk through on the internet twice. Then he just helped me find where the boss was, and then just gave me little things on what to do to beat him. But that's awesome for me.

Aw, Corey! *hugs* There's so many people who love you, so don't let everybody else bring you down.

Orchestra sectionals went rather well today, I think. We worked on the excerpt from the fourth movement of Beethoven's 9th near the end, which went alright. He said it needed more personality. I also need to work on my slurs, but I think I've found a fingering that works rather well. He also worked with Alicia on a study (no. 15). She sounded really nice, I like her tone. I was so proud of her. =) Stephen Frans also said she sounded good, so that was awesome.

I should have practiced bassoon, but instead I played piano a bunch today, because I never get a chance to play piano. Tomorrow I have a lesson at the college with my wind quintet, and by myself, along with a get together with our small ensemble. Lots of carrying around my bassoon tomorrow. I have to make sure I remember all my music.

Yay for showers! I feel clean! Unlike Paul. =P


"It's Pun-tastic!"

Friday, March 23, 2007

Tired, exhausted...

Think of any other synonoms for the above words, and that's pretty much what I am right now. Today was a long day. A fun day, but still a rather long one. But I got out of french early, which was nice.

There seemed to be more chaos at this year's moab than last year. It went so well last year, and this year we suddenly found we couldn't use two rooms. One was full of computer people or something, and another one just had a stubborn teacher who said that nobody told her about the jazz clinic, and she had work that she had to finish, so we couldn't use the room. Lucky Randall actually did something, and ran to Harker's room, who luckily had no problem with letting us use his room. So that was alright. We just had to run around to Waters and make sure he knew that rooms had been switched.

And I got two cookies at snack time. So that was nice. And, in total, I had four juice boxes today. I've decided that juice boxes are just one of those things that can always make you happy.

Yay for pizza.

And now I think it's time to finish up whatever else I'm doing on the computer, and get ready for bed. I've got orchestra sectionals tomorrow...that'll be interesting.


"How many people do you think go to the University of Regina?"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Land of Orange

So, today at about noon, Haley called me to ask if I wanted to help out at Abe for parent-teacher interviews. After a few phone calls I found out I really didn't have anything better to do with my life, so why not? Anyways, all I really did was hand out little sheets with teacher names and a map on them. Haley wanted me to say 'welcome to Aberhart' but I didn't want to sound like a robot, which greeters always end up sounding like. So, instead, I welcomed people to the land of orange. Or rather, I welcomed select people to the land of orange. Meaning only the people I know. Meaning only band people.

Anyways, I talked to Paddock and Waters while I was there. Nobody was really talking to Paddock, so I went and chatted for a while. I also asked him what I could do to get that extra 3 % in band...I'm at 97. He said I'd have to be pretty creative to get it. Then I brought him a cookie. And when Waters was free, I brought him a cookie. So you can't blame me for not taking care of my band directors. Maybe those cookies will earn me a few more marks...=P

I also practiced. Not nearly as long as I should have, but enough to get through my studies and play through one of my NYB pieces. Speaking of which, we have a band test tomorrow that I haven't practiced for. Meaning I'll have to book it downstairs from math tomorrow in order to maybe get to band class early enough to run through it a few times. Fun.

Ooh, moab is tomorrow. That's exciting.

...I can't really think of anything else to say on the subject of moab...

We (me and Haley) saw the cutest kid come in with his mom for interviews. He was just a tiny little guy, and his mom asked Haley something, so he came over to me and was like, "Hi, I'm Aidan." So I said I was Robyn, and I shook his hand, and he touched my bracelets and asked what those were. I told them they were bracelets, and he said his mom had a bracelet, and it was round. I said those were my favorite kind of bracelets. Then his mom took him away. He's so adorable. Later, Haley said she heard him say the funniest thing. Check the quote at the end of the post. I wish I could have heard it...

Other then that, I had a pretty lazy day. But I did get to sleep, which was so nice.

*sigh* Yet more band drama. Will we never escape?

I know, that's a stupid question. Of course I'll never escape. Where there's band, there's drama. And I'll never leave band.


"Mom, I just saw a man that looks like Jesus."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I get to sleep tonight! There's no school tomorrow because of parent teacher interviews. I'm certainly not complaining. =) Also means I get to stay up all night chatting, which will probably be nice.

Blah, physics is so stupid. One minute I get it, and then I don't. Hopefully circular motion will go better then dynamics, although not if it includes the coefficiant of friction...that I've never understood. I can't decide if Craig hates me, likes me, thinks I'm smart, or thinks I'm hopeless at physics. Hm...

Other then that, today was pretty good. Lunch was much as I'd like to be able to listen to three different people talk to me about three different subjects and be able to actually keep up with the converstation, I really can't. Believe me, I tried today. Sorry if I seemed like I was ignoring you, or getting frustrated or anything but, geez, 45 minutes of going: Aidan, Alistair, Aidan, Henry, Andrea, Alistair, Aidan, Henry, Kate, Aidan, Alistair, Kate, Henry, Andrea, Alistair, Henry, Aidan...=P

I got my music for NYB today! I'm so excited. We're playing two Grainger pieces! The Gum-Suckers March, and Australian Up-Country Tune. It's awesome, especially since I've never played either of those before. We're also playing...
'joe's last mix' by Tanner Menard. I've never heard of it, but I've got strings of eighth notes at half note = 96-112, so it looks pretty fun. It's also four pages long.
"An Original Suite for military band" by Gordon Jacob. Gordon Jacob wrote pieces for bassoon, and from the look of his music, he's just as kind in his band scores.
'O Canada for concert band' by Calixa Lavallee, arr. by Howard Cable. Doesn't look much different from all the other arrangements of O Canada that I've done. I believe I've played something by Howard Cable before, but I can't remember what it is. Anybody want to help me?
'Rainbow Ripples (solo xylophone and band)' by George Hamilton Green. Bassoon part doesn't look amazing, but xylophone solo? That's gotta make it an awesome piece.
'Epiphanies: Fanfares and Chorales' by Ron Nelson. Nelson wrote Courtly Airs and Dances, which we did last year in concert band. Looks like this piece is more exciting than that one. Lots of tempo changes, and I get strings of triplets at one point. I like triplets.
Ilyrian Dances by Guy Woolfenden. I thought I played this once...but looking at the music I can't remember it. Maybe it's one of those pieces that Corey just talks about so much I've begun to think I've played it before...I'll ask him. I know I definitely recognize it, something's just telling me that Corey's the one who told me about it.
'Dance I' by Dmitri Shostakovich. =) I'm so excited for this one. We played it last year in All Cities, and it's so fun. That's coming from someone who doesn't play anything harder then octave eighth notes, but still, I love it.
'Fortress' by Frank Ticheli. Ticheli's not usually a huge fan of his bassoons...and this pattern seems to be continuing with this piece. It's actually quite fast (quarter = 126-132), but I still have nothing faster then quarters, with the occasional couple of eighths here and there.
'La Procession du Rocio' by Joaquin Turnia, arr. by Alfred Reed. Doesn't look like a bad piece, though I've seen better bassoon parts. Alfred Reed's another name I recognize, but I can't remember from where...I don't even know if it's from solo stuff or ensemble stuff...
Concertino (for four percussion and wind ensemble) by David R. Gillingham. Looks like a good piece. I've got little things of sixteenths here and there, so I'm really interested to see how it sounds.
And finally, Fantasia in G major by Bach. Which is just pretty straightforward, and doesn't look like it'll take a lot of work to pull it together.

So there's all my music from NYB. I'm very happy with all of it, save for maybe the Ticheli. But even so, I'm so excited to play through it. And then play it with the band! =)

Wow, commenting on that much music really takes some time and energy...but it is awesome music. And if all that's the second bassoon part, I can only imagine what first will be like...or rather, I can wonder whether it's really super amazing, or just an octave/fifth/third above the second. I guess we'll see.


"I'm hungry...I have 30 cents..."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Geez, my parents can make me so mad sometimes. I mean, I say I won't go to this camp because it's kinda expensive, and I know we're kinda having financial issues right now. So then they both talk to me, and say they don't want me to stay home just because of the money issue, and if I really want to go, then they'll find a way to let me go. But when I finally decide to go, they still end up making a big deal about how expensive it is! I mean, I wish they'd make up they're mind, either support me, or don't. But don't say you're going to, and then make a scene when it actually comes time for it.

Maybe I exaggerate a little...they didn't really make a big deal. But they didn't exactly try to hide the fact that they were thinking about how much money it's going to take. It's just something that gets on my nerves...but, I am planning on getting scholarships to all three of the camps I'm going to. It's not like I'm expecting them to just fork up whatever money it takes.

I seriously need to go to bed earlier tonight. I stayed up way to late, and ended up falling asleep in math and theory. But I get to sleep in Thursday, since we don't have school, so that'll be nice.

I'll probably attempt to study a little bit of math tonight, seeing as we have a test tomorrow. I'd really like to get my math mark up. Not that it's could just be a little better.

Hm...maybe I'll clean the desk on my day off...then I might actually be able to find things. I should also finish my reed so that I can start playing on it...I think my first reed's dying on me...I'm trying things to bring it back, but I don't think it's going so well. We'll see, maybe I'll just clean it and see if that makes the sound any clearer.

I can't remember if Kathryn knows that most of the Abe kids aren't going to be at All Cities on friday because of Moab. Which basically means half the ensemble shall be missing (including almost the whole sax section, unless Ryley and Ariel show up). Anyways, not the point. I might send an e-mail to her and Dan, just to be sure they know.

Kelskie! *hugs* I think you might be over thinking this too much. Now, I could try to tell you to stop thinking about it, or stop worrying, but I know you won't. However, just keep in mind that maybe you are over thinking things.


"The platypus! Proof that life doesn't always make sense."

Monday, March 19, 2007

I love my life!

Yes indeed, life is very good right now. I like it when life's good.

Hehe, yay for more YouTube links. I have to update my list of YouTube video's over there ---> since I have a bunch of new ones I should put up.

Anyways, I really don't have that much to say. Other then the fact that I totally had a physics thing due today, so it's going to be late. Speaking of which, my uncle just got home, and I need to ask him for physics help, so this can't be much longer.

And I figured I only have to live until after Red Deer camp. I mean, I thought that I could die now and be happy, but I figured I actually have to go to Colorado camp, since I know I'll be even happier once I'm actually there. And I figured if I'm living until the end of Colorado camp, I might as well stick around until Red Deer, since I've always had an awesome time there, and if I died just before that, I'd be kinda sad. So, as long as I can stay alive until after Red Deer camp, then I can die completely satisfied.

I bet half of that didn't make sense to anybody. It hardly makes sense to me. I'm just blabbing now. Welcome to Robyn's mind when she's happy. She blabs a lot. She also slips into third person, apparently.

Anyways, I'd better go before this post becomes even weirder. And I really do have to get my physics done before it gets to late, because I don't really want to stay up late tonight. Well, not to do homework, anyways.


"You just got group hugged!"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kate's Surprise Party

Yes indeed, Kate's surprise party was tonight. Or rather, this afternoon. It's hard to have a Sunday night party. Anyways, I think it went rather well, and I hope everybody enjoyed it, even if it wasn't super long. Again, not much you can do on a Sunday night, and I feel bad that that's kinda the only time we could do it. So, it sounds like everybody enjoyed themselves, and I know I did, so I think it was a success.

Hm...I kinda want a boyfriend. But I kinda don't want a boyfriend right now...for reasons that only Kelskie, Christine, and Paul know. And I think they shall remain the only people who know those reasons for now. Anyways...

I should do homework tonight, especially since I kinda need to catch up after choir camp. But I don't really feel like doing homework, and as long as there's no physics quiz tomorrow, I should be fine.

I know this post doesn't quite redeem myself from not posting for almost a week...but I don't really have the creativeness right now to put down more.

Oh, and I've finally joined facebook. It's quite addicting.

And I really need to remember to give Christine's CDs back. I believe I still have her Bryan Adams' and other french CD...


"Some people are a lot like slinkies. There's not much use to them, but they still put a smile on your face when you push them down the stairs."

Monday, March 12, 2007

Doing theory...for real!

Yes indeed, for the first night in...well, probably since the start of the school year, I am actually doing my theory the night before my theory class. That means tomorrow I'll just be able to relax and watch the grade 10s rehearse...and maybe make fun of them and distract them. Hehe. Well, maybe not the distracting part, or Paddock may possibly try to kill me. I swear he was giving me the evil eye last week when I kept making faces at Glenn, and running over to whisper at Haley while they were listening to their festival recording.

Ghost Train by Eric Whitacre is the most amazing song in the world. I love it so much. We're playing the first movement of it at school. It's got an amazing bass line, and I'm so excited to try it. Or rather, I'm so excited for the time when I'll actually be able to play it...I have to think about it a lot before I get it right, and even then I only keep it up for a bar or two before I mess up.

I did some serious hardcore practicing today. Still didn't get around to quintet music like I wanted to, but I really worked on that Strauss piece (Aidan knows the name, I don't) and I think I might actually be able to keep up next rehearsal. I hope so anyways, or I'll be really sad.

Yay for hot chocolate.

I was actually happy for the entire day today. It felt amazing. I won't go into detail, but it was rather cool. Just thought I should mention.

Well, with Paul asking me random questions, I doubt I'm going to get much done, so I'd better at least attempt to be productive, and end this blog so I can start theory. While really spending most of my time chatting with Paul.


"Didn't everybody at Vanier get pregnant?"

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bassooning around!

I love our quintet. It's very fun. Maybe we were just having a good day, or the planets had aligned or something, but we managed to stay together quite well. I mean, maybe not our new pieces, but when we ran through some of our old ones we did fairly well. I'm quite happy with it. Now I just hope that we can fit the musicality in. I mean, mostly bringing out important lines, and not always playing loud. I guess maybe that's just because I'm sitting beside both Corey and Henry (flute and horn) so it seems loud. We should get people to listen to us. Or maybe I can talk my dad into bringing the recording system home from the station and we can record ourselves that way. I think if we set the mic up a little ways away it should word alright. As long as we make sure the levels don't peak or anything.

Speaking of bringing the recording system home, I need to start preparing for my audition for MusiCamp. Still haven't quite figured out what I'm playing. I don't know if you need an accompanimest for it either...although if I just play solo stuff it should work. Maybe a couple studies or something.

Other then quintet practice, I didn't do much today. I woke up Corey when I called him, which made me feel super bad, even though he said it's alright.

I did get further in Zelda:Twilight Princess, so that made me happy. I hope I never have to fight one of those stupid shadow guys on the bird ever again, because that took so long.

I also played Molly on the Shore half decently at Corey's! It made me so happy. I'm not sure what that tempo is compared to what Kathryn takes it, but still. It made me quite happy. Hopefully she'll slow it down a tad.

I need to practice more! I mean, it's not even funny anymore. I did have a long practice yesterday, although it was on a not-so-great reed. I really should ask Francesca what I can do to make that reed better, because I'm really not sure. I meant to make another reed this weekend, but I didn' almost want to sit down this evening to get one done...we'll see.

I hope I didn't have any serious homework this weekend, because I'm not planning on doing any of it.


"Geez, what were you on last night?"
"Can you get me some?"

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Two tests and a movie

That's basically how my day went. I had a physics test and a math test. Both of which had questions which really made me think, man, am I glad this is multiple choice. But I think I did alright on both of them. I hope so, at least.

Then in french we watched a movie. In this episode, the girl decides she wants to go to university to be a doctor. She tells her boyfriend, and he gets all mad and shouts at her that she's not supposed to be all independant, she's supposed to be his wife, for him to defend and protect, while she watched the kids at home. We decided that back then the guys didn't think they were better then girls...they were just easily threatened, so they just decided girls couldn't do the things men did, for fear that they would totally be better at them. =P

In english we just talked about Indiana Jones, and then worked on writer's workshop. I have an awesome idea for this one. I'm just going to write all the band drama that's happened since the beginning of high school. It'll be very interesting. I haven't decided if I'm going to change names or not...I think I'll just change the ones I think should be changed. Most of them I think I can leave the way they are. It's going to be so long. I've done a page and a half, and I'm not even past band camp of grade 10...yay.

And yay for uploading music. I'm doing that right now. It's exciting. I love new music. And we're getting new music tomorrow in All Cities! I highly doubt I'm going to get much done tomorrow...I mean, I wanted to get stuff done, but between sleeping, bassoon lessons, and All Cities...mostly sleeping...I don't think much will be accomplished.

Hm...I'm thinking I might go to bed, even though it's early. I'm reading Go Ask Alice, and I can just tell it's going to be so hard to read, because it's just one of those books that just keeps going downhill. I find those books very hard to read, since I hate going downhill, and when you just know it's going to keep going that's practically dreadful to read. Which sucks, seeing as those are usually the best books ever. lol.

I love my band hoodie...


"You're used to big horns?"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A gentle reminder...

So I was reminded today that just because it's a reed knife doesn't exclude it from being an actual knife. Yes, right before we started playing I was trying to fix my reed (trying to cut the tip, if you're really that interested), and I kinda drove my reed knife into my didn't really hurt that much, but it bled like there was no tomorrow. So Paddock started a song by this point, and I figured I'd come in when the bleeding slowed down. Except it didn't exactly slow after the song I asked Paddock if he had a band-aid in his office. He didn't, so I went to the office, but they were locked. So I came back downstairs and met Bridget (and others), and she went to the sports med room with me and got me a couple band-aids. Then playing with a band-aid on my finger was interesting, but I was able to do it. Mostly.

I also registered my courses for next year. I know I've said it a bunch of times already, and you're probably really hating me for it but...I have two spares next year! Almost three, since Choral is awesome, so it's as good as a spare. I'm so excited.

Have you ever had thoughts just pop into your head? Like, thoughts you didn't even think you were capable of thinking? Or am I just crazy? It's actually getting kinda scary...I'll be thinking about something and this random thought will come to me, and I'll be like..."no! I did *not* just think that..."

I'm very close to having three working reeds. I'm so excited. That's almost half-way to my goal of having a reed case full of functional reeds. Excitement!


"You seem to pawn a lot of music off me..."
"You seem to offer a lot of music to me..."

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Physics has a soundtrack!

Not really. But I was listening to music while Craig was talking today, so it felt like physics had a soundtrack. =) Although it does make it slightly difficult to concentrate on physics when you're listening to Phantom of the Opera...

I'm having concentration issues right now. I don't really feel like writing much. I do want to talk to Keslkie, though. So, yes.

I'm sorry, Christine. I don't think there was anything I could have said today to make things seem better, but if there was, I'm sorry I didn't say it. I'm not always very good with words. I can sit and listen and just simply be there as much as I can, but I'm not always successful when it comes to words.

My thoughts will be with you, and everybody else affected by this, all night.


"Everything you never wanted to know about your band-english class..."

Monday, March 05, 2007

Limited Homework!

Yes indeed, all I have as homework tonight is english. Technically I have more english then I intend to do, but still. I think I'm just going to write a writer's workshop thing today, even though I still haven't done my make up poem for Ulysses. I also want to do my theory homework, so I'm not rushing to finish it tomorrow. But I say that every week and it never really happyens.

I actually had quite a good day. Dispite the fact that we had no printer paper last night so I had to send my physics lab to Randall and then copy all the work onto it in the morning, and lunch, and I forgot my calculator, so I had to use the teacher's during math, and Randall's during physics, and my physics lab was late, and I planned my french essay in the last fifteen minutes of lunch, I had a very good day. I rather liked it.

The band room's open again! I'm so happy...I missed it so much. It also hit me in the middle of math how much I miss Paddock and Waters too, so I totally gave Waters a hug today when I saw him after school. Good stuff. Band room!

I also practiced my major extended scales for an hour and a half today. They're a little better now. The fingerings are getting more natural, so now I think my major problem is forgetting how much I really need to support my air in order to get those high notes to sound. So, hopefully with a lot more practice I'll be able to get it down, and move on to minor scales. I'd really like to have my extended scales polished by the time my exam rolls around. I really hope my music comes in soon.

My mom also picked up a mini poster of Yamaha bassoons. I don't know what quality Yamaha bassoons are, but on the poster they're rather pretty, so that's good. Plus, I don't have any other bassoon poster type things. I know, the horror. Anyways, I'm kinda dissapointed about the background they have behind the's like driftwood or something...really weird.

I need a long weekend. Just an extra day to get stuff done. However, except for my Ulysses poem, I'm pretty much caught up in school, if you don't count the mountain of math homework I have, just because I never really do math homework. Which is going to screw me over one of these days, I know.

On another note, I find tuba solo pieces quite amusing. Simply because it's the tuba. I love it. And Jeff has a clear mouthpiece! It looks really weird.

We get to watch Indiana Jones in english, which is a nice treat, especially as it actually has a decent soundtrack. I'm not saying the Godfather had a bad just all sounded the same, really...

Oh, and Paul and I are planning to take over the world. I'd say more, but he's probably already going to be mad at me for saying that, so I can't tell you any more details.

Alright, english time...ooh, but I remembered today that me and Mia's anniversary is coming up! It'll be on Friday, so we can celebrate even more, because everything's better when it happens on a Friday. I'm so excited. I'll have to be sure to polish her so she looks nice. Which reminds me, I need to wash my polishing cloths...


"It used to be it's just hilarious."

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not enough time!

So, I agree with Kelskie, there needs to be an extra 6 hours in the day, at least for extra sleep. I'm totally getting nothing done...or rather, I'm sacrificing stuff I should be doing, for stuff I just want to do. My physics lab is late because I stayed up until 4:30 doing english homework. I really don't think my physics teacher likes me, especially since I fell asleep in his class the other day. I'm not sure if he actually saw me, but seeing as I was sleeping, you probably shouldn't trust what I say about that particular class.

Anyways, I've just really noticed how time consuming msn can be. I mean, it just took me like half an hour to write that last paragraph, because I'm trying to talk on msn at the same time. Now I can understand why Ryley stays away from it. I won't do that, but maybe I'll just won't try to answer everybody 2 seconds after they say something. You guys can wait a little while. =)

So, I meant to make a reed this weekend...then I ended up not going that yesterday. So I was going to do it today, but then we had a long practice, and Henry came over to play Wii, and then I watered my plants, and when I finish this post, I need to start homework. So no reed for me this weekend. Which is alright I guess, since I still need to get my other two reeds functional first.

Speaking of reeds, I need to practice more. I'm seriously scared for my exam. I think I'll start practicing over lunch. Particularly my scales. I mean, I'm doing alright with my pieces, and my studies just need a little work, but I really need to just sit down and figure out my extended scales. Especially the minor ones. I mean, I know once I get them down I'll be okay...I just haven't had time to sit down and get it done. So I'm thinking if I get about half an hour practice every day in the practice room at lunch, that'll help a lot. Too bad I can't start Monday, since Paddock and Waters are still in New York. =P

Henry's french horn broke during our practice! It was actually really sad. His thumb valve (or whatever you horn players call them) just kinda snapped off. I dunno the details, but it was still sad...I hate seeing instruments break.

Alright, well I should get my homework done. All I really have is my physics lab. Well, and my french dissertation plan, but seeing as I'll be faking most of that anyways, I can leave that for a while. Although I do have to figure out where I'll use all those stupid grammer things they want...

I was a contrabassoon! Matt's always talking about playing the contrabassoon, and I really want to! If he doesn't bring it to MusiCamp, I'll be so mad.


"You should get your horn checked out...the *french* horn, Corey..."

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I'm posting here mostly just so I don't give up on blogging, not really because I feel like it.

Just thought you all should know.

I'm not happy right now. Too much to say in a blog. Besides I don't feel like talking about it here.

I wish I had a good quote to suit my mood. I don't.

Yay for making up your own quotes. Whatever that means.

Whatever in general.


"Ask me when I care."