Friday, April 08, 2011

Go Time

Okay, we're down to the last week of classes. Surely with only one week left, I will find the effort needed to sit down and write the last couple essays and papers of the year?

Response: Probably not. And don't call me Shirley.

But in all seriousness, I really do need to start getting stuff done. Last week! As before mentioned, I am both ecstatic and terrified of this fact.

And yet as it is right now, I am sitting in bed, drinking white tea, and contemplating playing computer games once I'm done this, and probably continuing into the wee hours of the morning, even though I have rehearsal tomorrow morning. Oh well.

Apparently I have a new roommate. Did you know about this? I didn't, until this afternoon when I went home to grab stuff, and there were guys in my house I didn't know, and the spare room suddenly had a bed, a desk and computer in it. Crazy stuff.

Anyways, we have yet to be introduced. I feel kinda bad cause I didn't speak to him this afternoon when I came home, but that was just because I was kinda in a hurry, so I just wanted to grab stuff and go. Our only interaction so far has been seeing each other in the living room while I was rushing to grab stuff, and passing each other in the hallway while getting ready for bed.

Oh, but I do believe he's a drummer. He had a practice pad in the living room with him, and that's all I've heard him do while getting ready for bed tonight. Not that it bothers me. On the contrary, it's very amusing how Guimauve can't figure out what this strange new sound is. He's also not sure whether he should be afraid of it or not.

Hopefully I'll have more updates on this mystery roommate soon.

I still haven't figured out my whole summer job thing. Brigadoon is starting to look like not the best decision in my life now, since I've just realized that means more evening which I will be unable to work. And thus unable to make money. So I'm thinking I really need to get a day job of some sort. If nothing else, it'll be awesome to make extra money over the summer.

I'm saying nothing of my recital, because I don't feel like it. But it's still happening.


"There's always a guy."