Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Yeah, so the reason I dissappeared for a week is we went to Mexico! It was so fun. I could tell a bunch of stories, but I'm not in the mood, so if you really want to know, talk to me yourself.

Anyways, strangely enough, I'm finding myself with nothing to do. I should probably be trying to get social done, or studying for math...but I'm not.

And I just realized I'm going to have to take both the social test and the math midterm on Thursday, since I'm going to Banff with the CYO on Friday. Yay. I'm very excited. We're going to meet the EYO there, which means I'll get to see Matt. I'm happy.

I also just realized how utterly pointless this blog is. I never actually say anything worthwhile. Oh well. You catch me in a hyper-weird mood and I'll blab on forever. Now is not one of those nights.

I'm hungry. And still not quite sure what to do...hm...might pick up the phone here soon...


"The Black Dahlia..."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm happy

Quite happy. Some people will know why, some people won't. That's the way life is.

So...yeah. I'm happy. Hm...I can't forget to print out my thing for english, which I'll only get, like 50% for anyways. And I need to fill out my audition form for the NYB. Yay.

Hm...I can't seem to talk a lot tonight. I'm either tired, or happy. Or both. Probably both. I just don't feel like sitting here and posting. I'm kinda scared to go into the kitchen, since my dad's kinda upset with me, although I'm not entirely sure why.

Alright, I'm obviously not being productive here. Band picture...

That's the concert band. I'm not sure why they have an entire row missing...probably because they don't have an entire row of saxes, like we do. Lucky. Who needs saxes...

I'm kidding. =) Randall, Ry, various other saxes, please don't be mad. =)

Alright...I guess I'm off for tonight.


"Happy birthday...it's your belt!"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Free time...?

Ah, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been up late because of homework, and I either don't have the energy to post, or social has brainwashed me, and I've forgotten. Anyways.

I've actually been not busy tonight, which is weird. Well, technically I should have been busier. I mean, I could have done those pages for math, instead of just doing the practice test. I also could have actually started on various English things that are due at one point or another. I could also have started on the next social unit. All to get ahead before I go to Mexico. But, we're talking about me, meaning if it's not due in the next three days, chances are I'm not going to seriously think about it for a while.

So...yeah. We had our Halloween band party yesterday. Which was really more of a Halloween band movie night, but it was still fun. Watched Nightmare before Christmas. I never realized how much that movie likes its bassoons. And oboes. And english horn. And french horn. =)It was fun. Then, after vaccuming all the popcorn off the floor, I headed to Chloes to watch more Halloween movies. Only these ones were actually scary. Well, Hannibal was. Final Destination was so filled with foreshadowing and drama, it was actually kinda amusing. But I guess if I had really wanted to be scared, I could have been. Movies are fun like that.

Alright...some days I can go on forever here...today is not one of those days. So I'll put up a band camp picture...

I'm starting to loose track of which pictures I've already shown here...so now I'm basically resorting to picking a random picture and hoping I haven't shown it already. Here's another picture of the bus. I think this is when we were leaving band camp. Although I'm not sure...that looks like an unusually happy face for leaving band camp...


"We have homes?"