Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Home

Yay! I'm back from camp, and after a week of sleeping, shopping, adjusting, and cleaning (well...not so much cleaning...but more on that later), I think I'm ready to blog again.

Or rather, I'm making myself blog again, because of the previously discussed laziness factor. Anyways.

Camp was a lot of fun, and I hope to dedicate a few posts to it before classes start up. I got back on Sunday, spent a few days sleeping, hung out with the Supes again on Wednesday, slept for a few more days, shopped for a dress, and attended a wedding in said dress. I also bought two additional dresses, two skirts, and a new shirt, but that's besides the point.

Ken and I went to his cousin's wedding yesterday. It was pretty fun. The first wedding I've been to since I was really young, so it's really the only wedding I remember in detail.

It was a little wordy, not going to lie. But I get that after my dad, really. We're not much for speeches. At least not the long ones. So when they started going into childhood stories before the vows were made I started to doze off a little. And I also could have done without the hour and 45 minute speech session before the reception too.

Ken and I spent a lot of time yesterday joking about 'our' wedding (hypothetical, of course), and talking about how it would be done differently and such. I figured I'm going to have a tough time picking out music. During most of the wedding, and beforehand, whenever music came on I would sit there thinking 'cheesy...cheesy...really cheesy..." I finally told Ken I'd just use the Darth Vader theme song as my bride music and be done with it. He was okay with that.

And I was also a little annoyed by how the bridesmaids and the bride walked down the aisle. Step...step...pause...step...step...pause...

Yeah, none of that for me.

I was going to talk a little bit more about actually living in the new place, but Ken and I are going to watch a movie tonight, and I said I wanted to finish blogging, but Ken popped popcorn anyways, so it's already pretty cold. So I should probably go so I can eat moderately warm popcorn.

Actually, by the time the movie's in and we're ready to go, it probably will barely be moderately warm. I guess I won't be eating much popcorn tonight.