Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It begins

I had to go to school to register today. Fun. That means school (and everything else that took a break) will soon be starting up again. Not that it's all bad. That means all my various bands (and orchestra) will be starting, and that's always good. Anyways.

That wasn't really that eventful. I took the bus there...I actually don't mind taking the bus...when I don't have my bassoon. I'm glad I won't have to take it for most of the year, since I usually have to go in early for band, so my dad drives me which is nice.

So I got to talk to Mom (of the band) at school which was cool. She was registering music people. When I was there, she hadn't met any new bassoonists yet, and only one flute. Two really good french horn players from my jr. high are coming, so I'm looking forward to playing with them next year. I also found out Ry apparently signed up for choir. =) That'll be fun. It made me happy.

I also met Adam when I went to get my picture done. That was cool. Adam's a cool guy. Too bad I didn't get to talk to him longer, but there'll be plenty of time for that when school starts.

Oh, Ry called, and he's apparently having this jam at his place (or Elliot's, they're not sure yet) on Thursday. So that'll be fun. I'm really looking forward to it, even though I'm also kinda scared, since I'm not really a jazz person, and I just started to get confident with soloing...and I might have lost some of that confidence while at camp...anyways, that's besides the point. I'm still really excited...and scared...anyways, moving on...

I also practiced alto. Went reed-scouting. Tried a bunch of different reeds. I still like my old one. It's a Rico Royal 3, but it's kinda old, and I love it. I bought a new box of Rico Royal 3's, and tried them, and they all feel quite stiff, and they're kinda hard to play. I'm hoping that if I spend some time breaking them in, they'll be better. I've been playing bassoon so much I've almost forgotten what new sax reeds feel like. Anyways, I hope they loosen up a bit, because it's quite tiring to play on those reeds for a long time.

So...yes...hm...I have to polish my alto tomorrow so it looks nice for the jam...and I really hope my fake book comes in tomorrow...or I'll be in trouble...hm...I really hope it comes in...hm...I'm quite worried about that...


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mozart in the Mountains

I'm really tired...and I have a headache...so this post might not be super long, but anyways...

Mozart in the Mountains was great. It was so nice outside. This year it was held on a golf course near Three Sisters. It was really nice. I loved the grass. =) But it was golf course grass, meaning it was really nice.

My dad got VIP tickets, which was nice, so we got to be in the VIP tent with snacks and food and stuff. But the music was so great. Lovely bassoon lines.

Yes, I did find Brandrea, and we got to talk for a while. My brother came with me, and after he met those two, he said he wasn't afraid of band geeks anymore. Which I thought was really weird. Geez, Bryan's the only band geek who scares me like there's no tomorrow, and my brother thinks he's an awesome guy. Go figure.

My brother, by the way, played Mario Bros. on his gameboy through most of the concert. Though I didn't really expect anything more from him. But if he ever does that during one of my concerts, especially if I have a solo during it, he's a dead man.

So yes, it was really fun. I told Bryan to have fun at UBC. And as much as I feel sorry for Andrea that Bryan's leaving, I'm glad Andrea's staying. I love Andrea. She's really nice, and I'm really glad we've started to hang out more.

While my brother and I were looking for them, he asked me what they looked like. I replied with, "Well, Bryan's tall...and as light hair. And Andrea's nice," He said that didn't help him with Andrea much. But really, that's the only description I really have of Andrea. She's nice. =) Beside's, I told him as long as we kept talking relatively loud, and mentioned there names here and there, and maybe said bassoon, trumpet, or clarinet every once in a while, they'd find us. Which they did.

It was a fun day, and I'm sad that my mom and Ry couldn't be there, because that would have made it better. But, such is life, and it goes on, so it's all good in the end. =)


The Thief Lord

Tonight I watched The Thief Lord. It's an awesome movie. I've read the book, and loved that too. I didn't even know it was a movie, until my mom and I went out to rent a couple movies, and we saw it. Anyways, I love it. And the music...beautiful. I love those trumpet solos, and the exciting music just makes my heart leap. There's even a funky bassoon line somewhere in there.

That's a picture of all the kids in the movie. The second guy to the right, in the red jacket is Proper. I love him...he's really cute. =) The little guy right in the center is Bo. He's so adorable. The guy in the back with the black and white shirt is the thief lord. He's also really cute. =) And the girl on the end is Hornet, and she has this teeny tiny scene with Proper at the end of the movie, and they are so cute together! Yeah...I loved Proper and Scipio...go figure...the two leading actors in the movie, and they're both cute.

But don't think I like the movie just for the guys. It really is an awesome movie, and even though I knew what happened at the end, because of the book, I was still so into the movie. I loved it. And the music was awesome, did I mention that? I need that soundtrack...

Mozart in the mountains tomorrow. =) That'll be fun. I know Brandrea's (Bryan and Andrea, for those who are totally lost) going, so I want to keep an eye out for them. Even though Bryan scares the heck out of me (hey, he's a scary guy) I guess it'll be nice to say bye before he leaves. He's going to UBC this year. So...yes...I suppose you'll hear more about that tomorrow.

And, Ry's coming home tomorrow. So if he happens to read this (I think it's unlikely, but you never know), welcome home. =)


Friday, August 25, 2006

Memoires of A Geisha

Yes, I watched Memoires of A Geisha tonight. It's a pretty good movie, although I really suggest reading the book before watching it. I'm glad I did, because I could tell that if I didn't, I wouldn't have a very good idea of what was going on. But it's a good movie. I like it. It made me think. A lot of movies do, actually. But the book really made me think. And the second time I read the book, it really made me think. And the movie...made me think. The whole geisha thing really makes me think. It's very interesting.

We went to St. Johns today and ordered an Eb fake book for me. =) So I'll be able to practice jazz on my alto now. I'm kinda mad that I left it so late...school seems closer then it did a few days ago...but, whatever. I want to practice sax more this year. Which is going to be hard, seeing as I'm probably facing my busiest year I have ever had so far. But, I still want to try. Jazz is super cool, and I really wish I was better at it. But the only way I'm going to get better at it, is if I practice. So...yeah, I think you get my point...

And I love the new St. Johns. It's further south, but I love it so much. Very open. I could live in that place.

The recording of our final concert in Colorado came today, which is so awesome. The strings cover the bassoon up a lot of the time, and even when nobody else is playing, I still sound rather distant. But, it's still great. Good memories. =)


Thursday, August 24, 2006


I got mail today! Andrea sent me a letter. Just because. Mail is so fun, I should start sending it more often. I think I'll sent a couple more letters, just because I can. I'll probably write one to Ry, and...well, I'll think of more people later...mail is fun. =)

I actually didn't do too bad in Mario Golf today. We tied. =) I think I'm getting better. Or just lucky. Either way works for me, really.

Apparently today is some national fireworks festival or something. Dad told us. We can hear them from our house, and since it's super cloudy, we can see all the colours reflected off the clouds. It's really neat.

And it made me really happy that there are fireworks on the 24th. It's a special day, the 24th. So...happy seven months to us. =) It's weird, for the past three 24ths, we've been away from each other. I was at band camp, and now he's at a friend's cabin. Go figure.

Anyways, apologies for all those who don't have a clue about what I'm talking about right now. =) Maybe I'll do something drastic and exciting tomorrow to make up for this boring post...


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So, I had the most amazing dream last night. My definition of 'amazing' in this case may differ slightly from yours, but we'll see. I'll spend pretty much this whole thing talking about it, because once I get going, I won't stop. I'ts a pretty long dream too, actually. Nothing really happened today anyways...except I considered arranging some of my piano music that I have (mostly Lord of the Rings stuff) for an ensemble of some sort. Anyways, on to the dream...

So, I started at my school. Except it wasn't really my school. It had carpet all over (mostly dark green and dark red) and the halls were bigger. But anyways.

It was my first day at school, so I went to my first class, where we had the weirdest test. My friend Andrea was there with me, and for some reason we weren't sitting at desks, we were standing at some counter in the classroom. Anyways, this was a really weird test...something between logic and art. It was one of those logic questions, like it gave us 5 people or something and 5 pets, and give some obscure clues, and we had to figure out which pet went with which person. And we had to draw the pet.

Anyways, for some reason it was slightly dark in the class, and I couldn't see the test very well, so I got my glasses out...which didn't actually help much. And Andrea seemed to understand what we were doing perfectly, which freaked me out, since I had no idea.

So the bell rang for next class, except I didn't get out of class until 5/10 minutes later (I couldn't really keep track of time in that dream, but I was late) because I was trying to finish this test that I didn't understand. So I left the class and wandered around before realizing that I had left my timetable back in that class. So I went back to that room (after getting very lost), but it wasn't there and I was really mad that somebody had moved / taken it.

So I think somebody told me I had to go to the office and ask them to print another one for me. But I couldn't find the office. And when I finally found the place where I remember the office being, there was actually a candy shop there. Yes, inside the school. So I was really confused. And then this girl was singing, for some reason, and in between her lyrics, she told me the office was now somewhere else. So I turned around and when wherever she told me to go (I can't remember) and found the office, and told the lady I needed a new timetable. But she was making stuffed animals at the time. She asked me if I could fluff up this one animal while she got my timetable. So I took this stuffed animal and fluffed it while she started writing. She was writing a long time, and while I was fluffing this animal, it's fur also fell out...for some reason. And it changed colours a few times.

Anyways, she finally hands me this stand of post-it notes and I leave. And there's about 12 post-it notes there, and the first 11 are some motivational speech or something, talking about...I dunno, motivational stuff. And on the very last post-it note, there's my timetable. And I had potions next.

Now, you can probable tell I had somehow switched to Harry Potter, but, like what often happens in dreams, I didn't question it.

So, I thought, 'well, I dunno where Snape's room is,' (because, believe it or not, he was teaching potions), 'but I know it's in the dungeons, so I'll go there,'

So I went down there, which turned out to be my basement, and then started panicking because I forgot how to get even lower then my basement into Snape's room. I was now in the role of Harry Potter, I guess, because I thought 'well, Snape already doesn't like me, and he'll kill me if I'm this late,' I also thought it was pretty sad that I forgot how to get to the class, since (apparently) I had been going there for five years.

So I took out my wand (which was actually just a huge metal screw/bolt thing, only the size of a wand) and waved it a little, and then this place in the wall glowed. And I was like, oh, right. And I stepped into it.

And fell onto this big rope web in the middle of the sky. Like I said, in my dream, I didn't question it. And there was Snape, standing on one end of it, and other people were lined up with benches and cauldron's in front of them. But then there were this scary guys on moterbikes, and they were riding around the web, and I started climbing around to avoid them. Eventually they stopped, and I sat behind my bench again, and Snape told us to start making our potions.

And here, for the first time, of all times, I knew it was a dream. Really. I thought 'okay, so since I'm dreaming, do I actually have to make the potion, or will it just make itself...because I don't have any of the stuff I need to make this potion...'

So, I sat there, and concentrated on the potion, because I knew Snape hated me and I really wanted to do well. So I just kinda stared at my potion, and slowly liquid started to fill it, and eventually it looked like everybody elses, so...I had a potion.

Then he was giving out this award for the best potion. And he gave it to Cedric Diggory. Then I turned to my cousin (who just happened to suddenly be sitting beside me) and said 'is that Cedric? Didn't he die last year?'

And then, somehow we were walking back up to the school over this grassy hill, and Cedric had this cape, which was apparently his prize thing. And my cousin replied 'oh, they probably just ran out of actors, so they just used Cedric again,' (somehow we were now talking about the movie or something...)

I replied 'that's stupid, they could have just pulled some extra out of the crowd and used them...'

And that's where the dream ended. Now we can pull out this dream interpretation book I got for fun, and see if we can try to figure out what this dream means...

Apparently dreaming about school appears at a time when we are attempting to get rid of antiquated ideas and concepts. A test can idicate some form of self-assessment, like a test of knowledge. Getting lost can signify anxiety, and losing something is like the search for enlightenment. Being late suggests we are not totally in control of the situations around us. Magic speaks of our ability to link with our deepest powers and alert us to our on inner talents. The sky can represent the mind, signify our potential, and relect our mood. In my case, it was clear, so joy. And to be climbing a hill in the company of others often indicates that we have a common goal, that a journey we thought was ours alone is actually not, and we can use their knowledge to help us.

I think that's almost everything big covered...so from that...

I can understand that I'm trying to get rid of old ideas, something about a self-assessment, I'm anxious, and searching for enlightenment. I'm not totally in control of things around me, and I need to link with my inner talents. I'm quite happy thought, and I'm sharing a common goal with others.

Hm...can anybody else make more sense out of that? =)


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Reed Making!

Yeah, sorry about missing yesterday...I was talking on the phone until about 12:30, and I didn't really feel like posting. But nothing really happened yesterday anyways. I went to the dentist, where they scraped my teeth with some pointy metal object with hurt like...well, it hurt a lot. And I lost a game of Mario Golf to my brother, with the pathetic score of 14 - 4...or something like that...it was a mini game type of thing, so more points were actually better in that case. The point is...I lost.

So anyways. Today I headed over to my bassoon teacher's house for a reed making class! It was really fun. She didn't really say a lot that I didn't already know, since she's shown me how to make reeds before, but it was still fun. I was kinda scared at first, since I knew there would be a couple university students there, but it wasn't that bad. One of the girls was a first year university student, and she had already made a bunch of reeds, at least one which works, but she's really nice. Another girl was a second year university student with no reed making experience. Another was going into grade 12, so just a year older then me, and apparently she's in the CYO. So it was really neat to meet another person in the CYO. She seems super nice, although fairly quiet. And a professional bassoonist was also there. She's a friend of my teacher, but apparently she hasn't made her own reeds for the longest time, and she's thinking she should start again.

So ya, it was super fun. I really should start making my own reeds here soon, but there are still a couple tools that I want to get. I guess they aren't really needed...I've had a couple people say I can substitute them with the things I already have...but still. I would feel better if I just had them.

Nothing much happened when I got back home. I made my timetable changes for school, which I've been meaning to do for a while. Nothing major, I just want to change my spare to math 30. I have to make sure dad takes that to work and faxes it to the school tomorrow...

Hm...and I lost another game of Mario Golf today and finished my new book. There's my day in a nutshell, pretty much.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

*Instert title here*

Yup...nothing really happened today. My uncle got a new car, I guess that's something. It's black. Pretty.

But other then that...nothing.

My mood was crazy today, if that counts for anything. This morning I was all hunky-dory and happy and stuff. Then I totally just went downhill for no particular reason...my parents said something at dinner and...I dunno. It obviously did something to me because I was definatly not a happy camper. Now...I dunno. Now I guess I'm just trying to supress the thoughts that made me unhappy, and hope that I can sleep it off. I usually feel better in the mornings. If I tell myself it'll all seem better in the morning, it usually does. Which is nice.

I guess lack of activity could also contribute to my mood. Like, seriously, I didn't do anything. Which forces me to be alone with my thoughts...which is usually dangerous in my case. I really should get out for a walk or something...

Hm...somebody very important to me is leaving for a week on Tuesday to go to a friend's cabin. I know it's pathetic of me to be missing him already, and he'll probably have a great time out there. But...yes...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Football night

Yup, there was a football game tonight. Saskatchewan vs Hamilton. Saskatchewan won...45 to 15, I believe the final score was, but don't quote me. It was a pretty sweet game. The roughriders made some beautiful runs. So that was really fun to watch.
My uncle came to visit us today. Which was nice, especially since I had no idea he was coming. My dad did, except he thought he was coming tomorrow instead of today. Anyways. It was fun. I showed him the pictures of the band from the anniversary party, and then he brought his laptop and showed us the pictures he took. I know there's at least two of me with my sax that we want him to e-mail us...and there's also a really adorable one of my dog in there, that I really want.
Umm...I also made a banana/mango smoothie, which was really good...
And I talked on the phone for a while, which was really fun, and made me happy...=)
But other then that nothing really happened today. Oh, I finished another bracelet, I suppose you want a picture of that.

I told you the colours were kinda odd.
I also started a new one. Not zig-zag, made with gold/yellow, grey/blue, and black. It actually looks kinda neat.

A productive day

Where to start...it feels like I did a lot today. Probably just because I haven't done anything for the past couple days. Anyways.
My mom woke me up so me and my brother could go get our passports. She said it was going to take a while, waiting in line and stuff, but we had hardly even walked in the door when it was our turn to go up to the desk. So we were actually out of the passport office about a half hour after we walked in. Which was nice, really.
Then we went to Wal-Mart to print pictures from my grandparents anniversary. I had a couple friends at that anniversary, because they've formed their own jazz band and they came to play during the party. So we had a lot of pictures of them. We printed two sets of the band pictures, so we could give one to the band. We also printed one set of all the pictures we took during the weekend. After that we looked at thank you cards that we could give to them too, but mom didn't find anything she liked there.
Then we got to go to Pelican Pier for lunch. It's a really nice seafood place. So that was a lot of fun.
We went home for a little bit, and then had to leave again because I had to go get my eyes checked. So, after many fun tests (including, "Now let's try the left eye...can you see these letters?" "Nope,") I got a prescription. I don't have to wear glasses all the time...just for distance stuff. Anyways, we went next door to Lenscrafters and spent a little while (meaning, a long while) looking at frames. I finally picked these really nice thin-framed purple-y ones. Since it was a slow day, and she said it would only take about 45 minutes for them to finish my glasses, me and my mom hung around the mall until they were done. We went to Wal-Mart and bought some back to school stuff (but no new pajamas...she said I could get those when I go to band camp). We also went to Hallmark to look at more thank you cards. We found one I liked so much, I bought one just for myself. On the front it had a staff and a note on it (and, for the people who care, it was in treble cleff, in F major, and the note was an A) and it said, 'just a note' and then on the inside it said '...to say thank you'. It's so adorable.
So we got that, and then just wandered around for a while, before going to get my glasses. I can see now! It's pretty great.
And...yeah. Then we just dropped the pictures and the card off with one of the band members...and headed home. Had Subway for supper. =) I love Subway. And watched the last half of 'A Knight's Tale'. I guess I didn't really do that much, but it kinda feels like it.
So...I guess I promised bracelet pictures, didn't I? Alright...I split them up a little bit.

Those are really only bracelets I made from scrap thread. Threads that weren't long enough to make a real bracelet, so I call them keychains. That's why they look kinda odd...

That's the other zig-zag one I finished a while back. It's the first half-decent zig-zag bracelet I've done in a while.

And that's the earthy one I just finished. Yeah, the straight bracelet's always curve like that, but once you put them on, you can't notice anyways. I post a picture of the one I'm working on when I finish it, although I don't think I'm even half done yet.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday Party

My brother turned thirteen today. He's a teen. Amazing...he's my little brother, he can't be a teen yet...anyways, moving on.
His friends came over today. It was kinda tiring. I mostly stayed upstairs in my room...I decided to ignore and avoid the yelling coming from the basement. They were all playing some sort of video game they gave him. I doubt it's one I'll ever get into.
Anyways, we had a fire in the firepit outside, which was fun. We roasted hot dogs, and marshmellows, and then we got to have the Gelato that me and my dad bought earlier. I love Gelato. It has flavors ice cream can only dream about. And it's really rich.
We also played croquet, which was fun. I won the first round I played. Then I lost, but that's only because my dad got lucky, just as my luck kinda ran out. But then I beat him in the next round, which made me feel better.
I got my brother some two wireless GameCube controllers. He really liked them. I set them up and everything while he was out by the fire, and left a note beside them. He found them when they all went back inside after the fire excitement died down. He also got a new computer game from mom, which probably means my chances of getting on the computer during the day are going to be slim. Although, when school starts I'll hardly have time for the computer anyways, so I guess it doesn't matter.
Hm...what else happened today...oh, there was a kitty in our yard! A shorthaired orange one. He's so adorable. He kept trying to get in the house when we opened the door. He had a tag, saying his name was Sparticus. Turns out he's our neighbor's cat, but he's an outdoors cat, so it's alright. He's really cute. I hope he comes and visits more.
Oh, and me and my dad stole wood from the back alley! It's actually really funny, he said everytime he walks by there he sees this big pile of old wood that these people are just going to throw away, and it bugs him because while other people see old wood, he sees firewood. So today as we're going to get Gelato, he stops by the house and mentions that it doesn't look like anybody's home. So then he drives down the alley, and we load a bunch of the wood into this big box and take it home. It was so funny. A really good summer vacation story.
I can't post a picture of my bracelets yet, since we have to go get the card for the digital camera printed before we delete any pictures. I promise I'll post one as soon as I can. I started another one tonight. A zig-zag one, with orange, white, and greyish-brown. Yeah, kinda weird, but I really need more colours. It'll probably come in handy tomorrow. We're going to get our passports, and mom says we'll be in line for at least an hour. I figure it would take at least an hour or so to finish that bracelet...even so, I'll bring other stuff to...just in case...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I went to a movie today with those two friends from band camp. We saw Step Up. I think it was a pretty good movie...other then some of the guys (and girls) were idiots sometimes, but what else can you expect from a movie? I mean, there was this one part where the girl and the guy were in a room, and they were getting kinda close (and they obviously like each other...duh...) and then her best friend just comes rushing in the room and starts talking and breaks them up. Geez, if one of my friends was alone in a room with some guy she likes and I came into the room...I'd probably turn around and leave. At least...I hope I would...I guess it depends...moving on...
The point is, I liked the movie. We also saw some really cool previews for coming movies. Like this one about water rescuers...looks really cool. I can't remember what it's called, but I really want to see it. I think it's coming in September. Yay, not far off!
Other then that I didn't do much. My mom got some wireless controllers for the GameCube for my brother's birthday. They aren't the kind of controllers that I like...I've seen better wireless ones...so I dunno if she's gonna trade them in, or just live with them. Personally, I hope she trades them in. Not to be selfish...but I really like the other ones better.
Oh, and I'll probably post a picture of those bracelets I make tomorrow. I'd do it tonight, but our digital cameras loaded with pictures from my grandparents 50th anniversary, and I'm not sure if it's okay if I delete them all yet. So I'll do it tomorrow. I finished that earthy one tonight, by the way. I'll start a new one tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

*Real* posting time...

Alright, so yeah, my last post was kinda crazy. But aren't all first posts on blogs really crazy?
Anyways. I also posted really early in the day, and I felt like posting again before I went to bed. So...yes. Such is me.
Ooh, I had a shower today. That may not seem super special, but believe me, after camp showers, I treasure my showers. I love smelling clean. Like watermelon, and lavender, and tropical fruit, and whatever other scented stuff I have. Oh, I forgot Apricot.
So that was good. After that I pretty much did what I've been doing every day since I got home. Read, played piano, played GameCube, and went on the computer.
I'm reading the fifth Harry Potter again. I haven't read it in so long, it's almost like I'm reading it for the first time, since I've forgotten some of the little things that happen in it. It's a good book.
I might be going to a movie tomorrow. Depends whether my mom can get me down there. I'd be going with two of my band camp friends. One actually goes to my school, she plays clarinet, and another's coming to Calgary for a visit, she plays tenor sax.
So...yes. I know I'm really blabbing on about nothing, but this is my blog, so I'll use it the way I want to. =) And I like blabbing.
I finished another friendship bracelet last night. It's red, orange and black and it's a zig-zag one. It's actually really nice, even my dad said how nice it was. Now I've started one that's more of an earthy like mood...it's goldish-yellow, maroony-purple and greyish-brown. It doesn't sound very nice, but it's better when you see it. It's not a zig-zag one, just a simple one.

Yay for blogs...

Yay, it's blog time. Anyways, I actually did have a blog a long time ago...but I deleted it. =) So now I'm making this one...more or less because my cousin did and I'm not creative enough to come up with my own things to do. So, likes goslings following a mother goose...I made a blog. I'd like to say I'm not really as weird as my blog portrays...but that would probably be a lie. So, you can either be like my friends, who just accept that I'm weird, or be like a couple of my little cousins, who say "You're not weird, you're hilarious!" Either choice is fine for me.
What else should I say...yes, I am indeed a bassoon freak. And a band geek. If you don't know what a bassoon is, you should either find out, and fast, or just stop reading my blog. I'll probably talk about it a lot...once I actually get her back from the states. She's getting her one year warrenty work done...I miss her...
And yes, my bassoon is a 'she' and her name is, in fact, Mia. Adorable, isn't it?
I have been playing piano a lot since my bassoon's gone...I should probably be practicing alto sax...but I also want to get a fake book, since I want to learn more jazz for sax. Jazz is really fun to play.
Well...other then the music thing...I also like Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean...if that is indeed how you spell it. Um...yeah, that's pretty much it. I spent 5 weeks in Colorado at a music camp this summer. Then I came home for five days, before going to another 2 week camp in Red Deer. Fun stuff. But now I get to just relax at home...which, after camp, is actually pretty boring. It was nice, after the first couple days...but I've been home for just over a week and I'm kinda getting bored now. I could actually summon some energy and actually go out and do something I suppose...but that would take effort...=)
Well...I'm talking to my friend on msn right now...so that's good. I suppose I'll shut up now...post another time. But don't expect my posts to be all that exciting for the rest of the summer...I'm not doing much...