Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I can has fan!

Because of the subject of my last post, my father used that as a subject for his own blog at work. Clicky here to zip to that.

To those unaware, my dad talks on the radio. My friends call him a "DJ"...which to me just doesn't fit with Dad. I just say he talks on the radio.

Anyways, one person commented on his blog and said he actually liked reading my post. A fan! Gasp! Of course, being the dreamer I am, I always like to imagine that somebody I will allow my blog to grow, perhaps past sticking with Blogger, and maybe growing into it's own domain name, and having fans and readers who don't even know me personally, but just enjoy reading...

That's the dream, anyways. Maybe one day. And maybe not. But feeling like one person I don't know enjoyed this piece of what some call 'writing' is encouraging.

Quick note, I'm also fiddling with overhead subtitles, you probably noticed. I thought it was time for a change. I also took my Grandma's suggestion for a poll, as I was coming up blank.

And now, for a funny story.

Ever since I've started driving, I've been drinking less. Because, of course, I'm not the one driving myself home. And while I know I'm probably saving hundreds of brain cells and my liver is probably thanking me...I do love a good night of drinking every now and than. It's emotionally healthy.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Our staff as work is currently trying to plan a karaoke night, to have some fun. We're in the middle of deciding on a karaoke bar right now. I went to Arnn (my house manager) and begged and pleaded that I would not have to be DD this time. I love driving, and I love being able to give people a ride home, but...well, it's just been so long since I've been able to drink so much that I can't even stand up.

Okay, I exaggerate slightly, but you get the point.

Arnn agreed that I was going into withdrawal, and said he'd drive, or find somebody else to be DD.

Of course, being me, I went home and realized I was now feeling guilty, because now I'm in the silly position of mooching a ride off some poor sober person, who may or may not have purposefully stayed sober specifically to drive me home. Stupid conscience.

And so begins the debate within my head. Would it really be so bad to just drive myself? Yes. Karaoke is definitely not nearly as fun when you're sober, even if I am sacrificing my singing skills (already not great) with every drink (or shot) I have. Would it really be so bad to mooch a ride off a DD? Kind of. I hate mooching rides.

It was after going through this cycle for a little bit that it came to me:

Why don't I just take a cab?

Sometimes I can only laugh at how I forget to be grown up.

(Having said all that, I'm also going to ladies night tomorrow at the Roadhouse. In a limo! And bringing $140 to spend on booze while there. Maybe saving some for a cab. Maybe.)


"How is this city working? Your population is 3! A mayor, a flower shop girl, and the emo lady!"

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tango said...

Hey, good for Scott! Who would have thought that you two would be doing a cross-promotion of information on the internet. The world has grown in the strangest and most delightful ways.
We're having difficulty sending email. So I may just visit Facebook right now and start connecting with people in that way. Keep those blogs comin', kid!