Friday, June 10, 2011

Nice Weather...Whaat?

Calgary has been wonderful for the past few days, and I'm really trying hard not to spend it all inside on my computer. Or at least, as previously mentioned, I'm trying to spend enough time outside to satisfy my need to be social, but enough time inside to satisfy my lazy side.

It's a hard life.

But bagels help.

Ken and I went to Great Canadian Bagel, which I love. Their bagels are super good. I think they might put some secret ingredient in them, which other bagel makers are unaware of. Naturally, I'm assuming it's heroin.

I kid, but still, their bagels are amazing. I can never go there for breakfast without buying a dozen bagels. Plus cream cheese to go with them. This time I went for 7 cinnamon and 5 maple (there wasn't enough cinnamon to get a whole dozen, but not enough maple to be able to split it evenly. I felt ridiculous requesting the two odd numbers), with plain cream cheese to go with them.

I'm very picky about matching my cream cheese with my type of bagel. Blueberry bagels must always go with strawberry cream cheese. Cheese bagels must be matched with either cheddar cheese cream cheese or Cheese Whiz. Chocolate chip bagels with chocolate chip cream cheese, obviously. The list goes on. In the absence of the appropriate cream cheese, plain cream cheese or butter may be substituted.

In this case, they did not have cinnamon, apple cinnamon, or maple cream cheese, which I decided would be the best to go with my bagels. So I went for plain. Which is still mightily delicious.

Then, to satisfy my social side, we went to Chinook mall. I wanted to get a new toy from Discovery Hut. But I didn't end up finding anything that A) I really liked, B) was within my budget, or C) that would not encourage me to spent millions of dollars on matching sets or items. I did look at the giant microbes, to see if I could find another STD, since I'd like a new one to bring to MusiCamp this summer, but I couldn't.

You heard me. I'm looking for another STD to bring to camp this summer.

We also dropped by the Lego store, even though I didn't look at anything with too much interest because I already knew I didn't have the money to buy another set yet. Had a good conversation with the Lego store guys, like we always do when I go there.

Drat, I just look at my new Lego fire station, and I think I see the spot where Ken was saying I was missing a piece. And I think I see a piece missing. I was hoping he was going crazy...clearly I blocked the memory of finding out a piece was missing. I'll have to make another trip to the Lego store...

So, after not finding a new toy, and indulging in some Yogen Fruz (mmm...Yogen Fruz...) we headed home to satisfy our lazy side. And eat more bagels.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.


('s not the end. I'll be back, I promise.)

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