Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Yeah, so the reason I dissappeared for a week is we went to Mexico! It was so fun. I could tell a bunch of stories, but I'm not in the mood, so if you really want to know, talk to me yourself.

Anyways, strangely enough, I'm finding myself with nothing to do. I should probably be trying to get social done, or studying for math...but I'm not.

And I just realized I'm going to have to take both the social test and the math midterm on Thursday, since I'm going to Banff with the CYO on Friday. Yay. I'm very excited. We're going to meet the EYO there, which means I'll get to see Matt. I'm happy.

I also just realized how utterly pointless this blog is. I never actually say anything worthwhile. Oh well. You catch me in a hyper-weird mood and I'll blab on forever. Now is not one of those nights.

I'm hungry. And still not quite sure what to do...hm...might pick up the phone here soon...


"The Black Dahlia..."

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