Thursday, November 08, 2007

Discovery Channel

Today we'll be following a particular species, of the male variety, through part of his daily routine.

This particular male interested many of our staff, and we decided to give him the codename 'Bob'.

Our experience with Bob started at approx. 10:40 today. We watched as he made his way into a popular resting area, and proceeded to have a late morning snack. It was the eating habits of Bob that was really fascinating. He seemed to have a liking for vegetables, peas in particular.

First Bob would carefully split the pea pod in half, and empty all the peas. He then started to make a little piles of peas, and then he would eat the pea pod. He continued to do this with several pea pods, and his pile of pea pods grew immensely. We're sure that he intended to eat the peas eventually, however our camera crew unfortunately had to leave before we could see the thrilling conclusion to Bob's snack.

And, there's my discovery channel entry for the day. As weird as it may seem. I find it amusing.

Favorite things in life:
Mashed potatoes.
Chocolate mousse.
Anonymous comments.
People coming to say hi just for the sake of saying hi.
Random smiles.
People assuring you that they're always there for you.
People asking if you're okay because they honestly care, not because they feel they're obligated to ask.
Feeling safe in your own bed.
Inside jokes.
Random acts of kindness.
Feeling so light you're positive you could fly if you wanted to.
Laughing until it hurts.
Smiling, and knowing you couldn't stop if you tried.
Being surrounded by people who you can be yourself with.
Not having to pretend all the time.
Cues from the conductor.
Having the conductor call you by name.
Playing without thinking about who's listening.
Waking up in the middle of the night and knowing you can go back to sleep.
Getting so involved with a book you forget about your own life.
Hoping and wishing, even if you know it won't come true.
Remembering your dreams in the morning.
Heart-to-heart talks.
Having somebody to look up to.
Becoming the person you look up to.
Feeling like you could do anything you want to.
Feeling like nothing can stop you.
Knowing that others are behind you all the way.

I don't really need cues from the conductor. Generally I count fairly well and I usually know where I am. But that doesn't mean I don't like having them. It really does feel good when the conductor looks right at you the second before you're supposed to come in. Maybe it's just because I'm a bassoon, and so conductor's are generally busier cuing trumpets and flutes rather than bassoons, but still. I love it when we get cues. Makes me feel like I'm maybe actually contributing something to the band.

And I think I realized just recently that for the first time, I've actually become somebody I look up to. I remember in grade 10, when I first found out there was a music council, and that there was a president of the music council, I wanted to be president so bad. For the one year that we had in school together, I totally looked up to Kaity. I wanted to be as cool as her. And recently, I realized that I'm kind of there. I am president of the music council, for good or for bad, which I had been thinking about since the beginning of grade 10. That's a long time to be dreaming of something like that. Now, about being as cool as Kaity, I'm not sure if I've achieved that. But every once in a while a grade 10 with throw me an encouraging comment that makes me feel like maybe I'm making a difference.

It also makes me think of the people I look up to now, and wondering if maybe I can eventually become them as well. It's an exciting thought.


"I sizzle Robyn, for being an amazing bassoon player. She's so dedicated to the music program, and she does wonderful work for the music council. I hope she never gives up on her dream."

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Melda said...


I love that list :) We SO need to talk more, you and me...last I saw you was Spring Break of LAST YEAR. That's just pathetic. Tsk tsk.