Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Emotions for the day

Deja vu. Definitely some of that in there. Same place, same chair, same song...scary.

I got the weird sense that everything was going to change, because that's how I felt last year. Last year I spent that whole time dreading the fact that after this time, everything was going to be different, and I'd have to change all over again to keep up with it.

But at the same time, I knew that nothing was really changing, because this was their day. This is their day to change. It doesn't really affect me at all. It was such a weird feeling to feel like everything around me was changing, but knowing that my life itself was going to stay relatively the same. 'Twas odd.

Wonder / joy. It was so cool to sit there and hear everybody clapping and cheering. I mean, I know I've seen it happen before, but for some reason it meant more this time. I loved thinking that I'll be there some day, and they'll be clapping for me.

Hokay, I actually thought I had more to say on the topic of emotions today, but then I got typing, and I realized I don't actually have that much I feel I need to say. Whatevs.

However, I do think all my teachers are going to hate me for missing class all the time. I liked the fact that when I mentioned it to my mom, she was like 'well, do you really care what your high school teachers think about you?' which was nice. Still.

I also had a little scare today, thinking that maybe I've been too limited. Like, focusing so much on music and not as much on other things in life. But it's not like I ignore other things completely right? I do have a broader horizon then just music things.

Oh goodness, the excitement in life just never ends, does it? I was told that from high school into university, it changes from music drama to music politics. But listening to people talk today during our break, it kinda sounds like there's still drama. Maybe not to the extent of high school, but I think it's still there. Is that a good thing? I'm not sure. My opinion of drama is totally double sided.

Two quotes today.


"Music is definitely a very hard profession to go into, maybe even one of the hardest. I mean, what other job can you get where your boss can tell you when you can't breathe?!"

"Okay, when we pass by this hallway, do the following: glance to the right, slow down, drool a little..."

(I lied, three)

"Excuse me, we are admiring the sport of gymnastics, and nothing more."

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