Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Layout!

If you haven't noticed yet, the sidebar is different!

I was inspired to change up the old blog, which has basically remained the same since I started this blog. This inspiration came from friends' blogs, and also just from myself. I'll explain.

One of my thoughts in doing this renovation, if you will, was my wish to make my blog a little more interactive. I tried this when I first started the blog. Putting my favorite videos up, fun websites, etc. But I never updated them, and once I posted them, they pretty much remained there until the end of time, until I eventually forgot about them, and those lists were downgraded to the bottom of the blog where nobody looks. Again, this partially came from looking at some other blogs, and liking how they kept bringing you back because they were always changing. Well, besides the post updates themselves.

Another thought I had, when looking at my blog as it was, was that it seemed too much like I was trying to be something. I was trying very hard to I was trying too hard to show people what I wanted to look like to other people. If that makes sense, which it likely doesn't.

Anywayy, the point is that I got rid of the random site lists (except for one) and I've included more interactive stuff, such as the poll, and also more personal things that just have to do with me, such as my upcoming events.

So what's up with these new additions? Well, I'll tell you.

Personally, I've always found polls interesting, and fun. Especially when they're simple, one questions polls that you just answer, and then see what other people answered. I figure I'll give people two weeks to answer a poll. I'd like to think that people check my blog at least once every two weeks.

That is, if I would actually post every two weeks, but I'll work on that, I promise.

And don't worry, the poll questions won't always be quite as thoughtful as this one is. I just figured I'd make it relevant to my last post.

Upcoming events, as mentioned above, is just an attempt to put a little more of me into this blog. As if there isn't enough already, but this is my blog, so deal with it. Most of these events will be things that anybody reading this would be able to take part in, so I encourage you, if you see any concerts, or events that you'd like to attend, or take part in, please message me, be in an email, over facebook, a call or text, or even just a comment on my blog, please do so. The more the merrier. =) If you don't get a hold of me, I can't give you more information about said event.

Internet adventures. This is the one list of links that I decided to keep, and if all goes my way, it should constantly be changing. I don't think I'll ever have more than five links on that list at a time, and they'll all just be things on the internet that I stumble upon, and found amusing, or thoughtful, or anything at all besides boring and dull. Something tells me I'll be getting most of these links from Kristian when we're wasting time at school.

Having said that, if you ever have a suggestion for Internet Adventures, or for a question for the poll, or even an event you'd like me to add to my list, again, please message me in some fashion, and I'll probably be more than happy to add it.

New blogs that I add to my blog list will also probably be added to my Link List.

Discovery of the day: my blog list will tell me when xkcd updates! How cool is that?

Anyways, I shall let you explore the new ways of my blog. Which you've probably already figured out.

A sudden thought: Maybe I should have made the poll question relevant to whether or not you like my new layout...or I can just tell you to comment on it, and let me know. =) Problem solved.

Until next time,


"Dad! You have to come see us fry the chicken!!"

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