Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snow Day!

I know, they're rare. And technically, it's not even a snow day. Snow days infer that most people are forced to take the day off because of the snow. In reality, it's just me. Well, probably some other students, but certainly not the majority of Calgary.

Anyways, after waiting almost an hour for my bus to take me to lessons, I called my teacher, since by that time even if the bus did come I wouldn't make it in time, and then just headed home. I don't have wind ensemble rehearsal, because of the AIBF, and the only real class I had today would have been my philosophy tutorial. Which, I'm not going to lie, may have been helpful, because A) I still don't know what I'm doing for my paper due tomorrow, and B) I fell asleep in class yesterday. But I'm not really panicked about philosophy, so I'll survive that.

Erin tells me we still have orchestra rehearsal tonight, but Dad will be home by then, so I can catch a ride. I still don't know where we'll have rehearsal, but oh well.

I really should take the dogs for some sort of walk today, but it just seems like a perfect day to relax inside the house. Oh well, I'll give it a little more time, then maybe I'll bundle up and take them out for a little bit.

Heartland is getting better every time I watch it. The most recent episode actually left me really happy, instead of building me up, and getting really happy, before totally letting me down, and just leaving me feeling angry.

I love and hate reading week. I love it because it's a break, and who doesn't love a break from work? But at the same time, I feel like I just really started getting into the swing of second semester, and just when I'm starting to get back into the workload and such, they give us a break. Which sucks for me, because as long as I get myself into a work routine, I can mostly be productive. So this break has just broken my routine, and it'll take at least a week before I can make myself start to be productive again. And when I say a week, I mean a week after my classes start.

Hopefully Krishan and I were actually serious about being history study buddies. I think that would help with things a lot.

Well, I should get back to my mostly unproductive day.


"I think they were just too lazy to come up with a contest, so they just put a monkey in the prize closet."

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