Friday, March 13, 2009


I think I just finished the last apple fritter one, which is disappointing, because those ones are my favorites.

For my last driving lesson tonight we drove to Airdrie and he bought me hot chocolate, a danish (which we split), and a 10 pack of timbits which he said were all for me. And he got himself a coffee.

And now I have the house to myself for a while, until Graham or Uncle Chester get home. Which is nice, I don't get the house to myself often enough.

Overall, life has not been bad in the past little while. This week has been a little rough, because I had a history test, which stressed me out a little, and you all know how I react when stressed. Not always good.

But that's okay, because this weekend is going to be fabulous. Well, except maybe CYO, but we'll see about that one. Especially since Alicia isn't there to play cards with me...what will I do while he's doing string work? Hope that there isn't much string work to be done, I suppose. Maybe I'll just stay up late tonight, and then I'll be so tired that I'll just sleep while he's doing it. But that also won't put me in a good mood in the morning...*sigh*

Ken sits right behind me...maybe he'd like to play cards with me...

Anyways, after CYO I get to see the boy, which is always a glorious occasion. Then we'll go and do a quick trip for party items, and...extremely non-alcoholic drinks, as they're calling them these days...then spend a nice lazy time at home leading up to the party, then party like there's no tomorrow. After history, I think I deserve it. Now is exactly the right time to party like there's no tomorrow. It's still early enough for me to think I did well, and I have nothing to tell me anything against that belief yet.

Oh, and then swimming on Sunday. =) Glorious times.

It's nice not to work on a weekend for once. It's a pity it's kind of required to take at least one weekend. I could always do the silly thing and just check in at the end of the week, and hope all the weekend shifts are taken, but then I also don't get the good choices during the week, which is not always so good. Oh well. I get this one, which is good.

How should I make the most of my time in the house alone? Play my own music really loud? Be lazy? Bake cookies and dance in the kitchen? Rock out by myself on Rock Band? So many choices, not nearly enough time.

And as much as my brother annoys me the majority of the time he's around...I'm kinda bored when he's not around.


"The video won video of the year or something, but I don't think it's that good. I think it just won because she cries in it."


Musica Diabolos said...

It's weird how we always seem to have history exams the SAME WEEK. Creepy. Yeah, mine was stressful to study for, easy to write.

Unknown said...

I'd love to play cards with you!!!