Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Another birthday.

I am now 19. (Which means I'm legal all over Canada now, right?)

I had this big contemplative post lined up to write tonight. It was going to include memories, and hopes and dreams, and random thoughts...

But now that I'm sitting here, there's only one thing I really want to mention about today.

Dad gave me a pair of Taylor Swift tickets. Which are totally awesome seats, and includes admission to the Stampede that day. Totally awesome.

Later in the day, he asked me if I was surprise. I smiled and kinda laughed, and I assume he took that as a yes. But really, I wasn't.

Because I had always wanted to go to Taylor Swift since I heard she was coming here. And Dad told me he'd take me to see Taylor Swift. He said it in such a complete, for sure, tone, that I never questioned it. Even when tickets were sold out, and he hadn't mentioned it yet, I never doubted that I was going to Taylor Swift.

Now, maybe I remember it wrong. Maybe he did slip in a 'maybe' or 'if I can get tickets' into the conversation. But the way I remember it, he very clearly told me he would take me to Taylor Swift. And since that moment, I knew I was going to see Taylor Swift one way or another.

It comforts me to know that I trust my dad that much.


"Remember that time I said your boyfriend was old?"
"Remember that time when you were a jerk?"


tango said...

You are SO lucky to be going to the Taylor Swift concert! I am thrilled for you, and thrilled that your Dad got the tickets for you just as he said he would.
I can't believe how many concerts there are. And how expensive the tickets are. And yet a lot of these concerts sell out! Where IS this recession? Anyone seen it?

Nancy said...

Today I was suddenly overcome with curiousity about how your first year of University had gone so I sat myself down and read every post since last September. GREAT to have a peek inside your year! I hope our paths cross this summer sometime. Happy birthday!