Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It's very enjoyable.

Or not.

On another note, I was just reading this blog, which I happened to pick up on, and start following, from Rae's blog.

To summarize, if you don't like reading other links, this particular post is done by a friend, talking about the Santa issue she deals with every year with her child, what with the questions about Santa, and her having to sneak around in the night to get the Santa activities done. The post ended with a question about how the reader's kids found out about Santa, when, and even how they themselves found out about Santa.

I decided to answer this post. Call it a sudden ghost of Christmas past that came to me, but this is was I proceeded to reply with:

"I’m 18, still living at home, with my brother, 15. We know the Santa secret, but every year we still go to bed early to let them do the Santa thing. Why ruin a good thing?

I found out the Santa secret…sometime during elementary school. I can’t remember exactly when. I found out when we were playing hide-and-seek in out house, and I hid in my parent’s closet, sliding a box to the side to make room. Lo and behold, come Christmas, I ended up seeing that same box under the tree from Santa.

You have no idea how disappointed I was. As in, when I came to terms that I was pretty sure that Santa was a no-go, I was absolutely crying in my room. My mom came in, and sat on my bed, asking what was wrong and hugging me, as all moms do. Finally I calmed down enough, and summoned my courage to ask if Santa was real, because I clearly had my doubts. The look on Mom’s face was all the answer I needed, and I burst into tears again. After I calmed down to quiet sobbing again, my Mom asked me a question.

“Do you want him to be real?”

I nodded.

“If you believe in him with your heart, he’ll always be real.”

My parents put the presents under the tree every year, and fill my stocking in the night, and I know reindeer can’t fly, but Santa will always be real."

On another note, to put things in Gossip Girl terms (though I have never actually followed Gossip Girl), I'm really glad C is okay. I can't wait to see her.

And now, though it is still before midnight, I shall be going to bed.

That's a lie. I'm already in bed. I'll just proceed to play computer games (eg. Puzzle Pirates) until I actually feel like sleeping. The reason for the early bedtime is just...well, the big man needs time to do the whole present thing, doesn't he?


"Her name's Misty, but she also responds to Mitsy."

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