Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too much of anything is bad

I am a music student, am I not?

And we enjoy the odd inappropriate joke and sexual innuendo now and then, do we not?

Yes, I am a music student. And yes, music students are not the most pure and innocent people on the earth.

But honestly, when somebody is doing both of those every 30 seconds? Seriously? It gets old after a while. Did I say after a while? I meant very quickly. Especially when I'm not enjoying the rehearsal as it is, having to listen to that come out every half a minute did not improve things much. Like I said, we do enjoy those remarks now and then. Emphasis on 'now and then'.

Apparently his definition of 'now and then' occurs much more frequently than mine does.

But seriously, bursting out in hysterical laughter when the conductor asks us to start at bar 69? How old are you, 30? Do you do that every time a conductor says 69? Because honestly, I got over that one in grade 8.

Anyways. In other news.

I still can't find my theory textbook. It has to be in my house somewhere, and yet I can't find it. I'm thinking I may have to resort to asking Kristian if I can use his.

Should I be alarmed by the size of the wine glass that my father enjoys carrying around the house? Or rather, by the quantity of wine in said wine glass? Hehe.

By the way, for anybody who cares, I'm having another house party on March 13th. Possibly the 14th. Anyways, sometime that weekend. Mark it down. It'll be good times. I'm sure we'll all need a good night of drinking by then.

Heck, it's only the third day of term, and I already feel like I need a good night of drinking. That can't be a good sign.

(Note to self: do not forget to go schedule for work tomorrow. That will be bad.)

File, save.

It'll be nice to finally perform West Side Story in front of a big audience. So much of the energy gets lost as you rehearse, and rehearse, and rehearse. Adding an audience gives back so much more energy into the show. It'll be fun, I think.

I'm also really looking forward to the weekend. Speaking of which, I think you were right about my thinking, although I didn't realize it at the time. I really hope we get the chance to sit down and talk. In case you didn't realize this, the desire to talk never really leaves. But that's for another time.

Oh, also looking forward to sight reading easy music tomorrow. The university is hosting a clinic for a jr. high school, so a bunch of people in wind ensemble are giving lessons before rehearsal, and then we're going to sight read their music for them. And apparently they're in grade 6 or something, so I'm quite excited.

I think looking forward to things is an important aspect in life. I mean, what are we doing of we have nothing to be excited about? If there's no anticipation for anything coming up?

Breaking news of the day: I wasn't actually that bad (mood-wise) this morning. I got out of bed on time, I actually made sure I was sitting up before I turned off my alarm, so there was no chance that I would roll over and go back to sleep. I gathered what I needed, and even asked my brother for a bus ticket, along with an explanation about how I left my university pass in my locker.

I'm seriously going to try not to procrastinate so much this semester. I can already feel that goal fading a little, but I am going to try. Delong gave us a weekly schedule for listening and reading, so I'm going to try to keep up with that.

I also hope my laptop stops acting weird. It'll randomly go completely black in class and refuse to come back for about 15 seconds. Which is especially annoying in class. 15 seconds may not seem like a lot, but history profs can say a lot in 15 seconds, and if I'm sitting there attempting to encourage my laptop to come out of it's phase, that's not exactly helping me retain anything that he's saying.

Well, I could probably find more to say, but I shall save that for another time. Once again, kudos to those who actually read to the end of these ridiculously long posts. Hopefully this, in some way, makes up a little for my generally infrequent posting rate.

Did that sentence actually make sense? Oh well. You're the ones reading it, you deal with it.


"Do you need another story about me cross-dressing?"


Corey de Baat said...

yeah? well that's what she said...


Unknown said...

I miss West Side Story, not every particular moment of it but I miss playing, as in, everyday. I don't know why it's so hard for me to keep that up with practicing at home...