Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Girlfriends against WoW

That's kind of my favorite protest sign ever.

Boy, please don't make me use one like that.

Today in theory class my teacher said this: "You don't have to be loud to be heard."

It was just being applied to using a softer dynamic in music rather than playing as loud as you can, but I still felt like it could be applied to so much more than that.

Maybe I'm crazy.

I won't be going into too much detail since I'm at Bennet's house. And he's playing WoW. So maybe if he continues playing I'll go into more detail. We'll see. Maybe if I get off my blog, he'll get off WoW sooner. =P

But I was an extremely productive university student today. I went to my three morning classes, stayed for all of music orientation, went straight from psychology to hand in my volunteer application form for CJSW, the radio station on the university campus, and I also opted out of health and dental plans at the university. Both of the latter steps were quite easy and painless, it made my day quite excellent.

I also had an awesome practice today, which I haven't had in a while. It made me very happy. I only really stopped because I don't think my reed could have taken any more.

Haha. Gutter mind.


Well, I suppose just because I'm in university doesn't mean I'll love all of my classes. Most, yes. All, apparently not. History might just kill me.

But at least it's the only class I can't really stand. Rather than high school, where there were at least three of them.

Okay, maybe just two. But still. The point remains the same.

Advice of the night: Don't die.

Hokay, once again, the time has come for me to shut up and move along. So I shall see you next time.

Rae: I love you.

Randall: I love you too.

Kelsk: I love you.

All of the above and more: I miss you all. You'd better believe me.


"What's the different between a flute player and a convertible?"

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Melda said...

I tell my friends not to die every day. Seems morbid, but there you go. It's a basic skill in life, I tell you.