Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, I am currently sitting in the library. I find libraries kind of scary. So my facebook status says. Not that you should ever look too much into my facebook status. It can be misleading. Which seems to be my life in general, but we won't go into that today.

I don't generally find libraries scary. I mean, they can really help you get work done, if you need to be in a mood to get work done. Libraries just give the working environment that sometimes necessary. Not to mention, you can take books out, although if you know me, you know I'd rather the bookstore anyways, because then you get to keep the books when you're done.

But the major reason I find libraries scary is because in some library environments it feels like you can't make any sound. Not just loud sound. No sound at all. And that's really scary, because then every time I put something down too hard, or turn a page of a book, I feel like I've done something wrong.

Therefore, I really dislike the fact that my laptop happens to make a bit of noise when uploading CDs. Because that's why I'm in the library. To borrow CDs that I need for my history listening test, so that I can actually be prepared this time, instead of listening to said songs a total of one morning before actually taking the test. If that makes any sense.

I sat here for a full 15 minutes just trying to work up the nerve to actually go and disturb the peace of the library to ask for the CDs, since you have to ask for them at the Fine Arts desk. I was on the verge of just packing up my stuff and leaving the library without accomplishing anything at all, but then I walked to the front and saw Sean talking with the Fine Arts desk (or rather, the people at the desk, not the desk itself), and suddenly I didn't feel as bad. As for the noise from my laptop...well, I'm 70% sure that the only reason it seems loudish is because I'm about a foot away from it whenever it's uploading. Maybe if I were to walk away a little bit I wouldn't hear it at all. Maybe nobody else even notices, and I'm sitting here being paranoid that I'm making too much noise all for nothing.

Oh well. I'm in the middle of uploading and nobody's given me heck for anything yet. That still doesn't stop me from frowning slightly and almost shushing my computer every time I feel it makes unnecessary noise. But oh well.

Well, all I really had to talk about was my intimidation of libraries, and other oppressively quiet places. I think I shall now go and distract myself with something else on my laptop to distract myself from my own paranoia.


"You're a poor peasant woman. And she's your brother."

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