Monday, October 13, 2008

This whole place is scary

And by this place, I mean Ryan's place. Because it is.

Mostly because Corey's here. And Corey has a way of turning everything dirty.

I'm also supposed to blog about Ryan.

And remembering what Corey said 'blogging' was, that sounds really really weird.

Corey: "You'll never feel the same way about blogging again."

It's very true. Very, very true.

So here I am sitting, on the couch, and blogging. I kind of want to play Puzzle Pirates, but I also don't really have the energy to commit to that. Especially with people around. It's not exactly a social game, at least concerning the people who aren't on pirates.

So I'm sitting on the couch. Corey's emailing ACAD about a sound program he things he's interested in, and wants to know more about it. Bennet's playing Halo. Or Halo 2. And Ryan's making us food. Ryan's a wonderful human being.

Oh, and Xavier's up in his room, presumably on WoW. Just to make it fair, so I have now blogged about everybody in the house. Nobody can blame me for leaving them out.

Bennet's attempting to explain the plot of Halo to me. I'm not sure if I'm following it or not.

Corey needs to stop talking. Now.

And this could go on forever if I just sat here typing out events as they happen, so I should be off. I'm hungry.

Corey loves me. He knows it.


"That's what she said."

(PS: is it sad that that's the only quote I can pick from today that's actually appropriate for my blog?)

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