Monday, January 15, 2007

Geez Randall...

She's a good influence on me. My social exam's tomorrow, and I was kinda worrying about it, but not too much. Then she talks to me on msn, and gets me really worried about me, and then guilts me into studying. So, Randall, you're too much of a good influence on me. I'm not sure whether to smack you, or hug you for that. So I'll go with neither, and just hoping that what I reviewed tonight actually comes in handy tomorrow. And that I actually remember it.

I'm sorry, but I'm really too lazy to do a Spain story tonight. And I should actually try to get some sleep for tomorrow. On the bright side, me and Alicia had fun playing duets today. Even though they were technique duets, and our teacher made us feel kinda stupid at some points when we couldn't do something, or we did it wrong, or something. But still, it was fun. I love technique classes.

My prayers were answered, I had a very good practice day. It's too bad I had to stop earlier then I would have liked to go to Mount Royal for chamber, but it was still very good. I hope it lasts at least the two weeks I have off for exams. Or rather, the week and a half, seeing as I'm going to Radium with people the last half of the last week.

Speaking of Radium, I still have to clean the house and fill out NYB forms. I should do that sometime. Probably sometime before Saturday, or I'll never get it done. Hm...I'll figure that out later. Right now I'm just thinking about going to bed. And the exam tomorrow. I hope the band room is open...that's where I usually leave all my stuff during exams. It should be...

Anyways...I also have to write down all the music I need to order, and borrow from the library. Geez, I feel like I have a lot of stuff to do. But Matt sent me some bassoon music tonight, so that was awesome.

So...I really want to go read my book now, since it's awesome. And if I don't go now, then I'll either be up really late reading it, or I'll be too tired to read it, which will be disappointing.


"Well, if reminding myself that I have a social exam tomorrow counts as studying..."

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