Sunday, January 28, 2007


I love having movie nights with friends. Randall invited me to her place for a birthday dinner-movie night thing. There was also Yuki, Nicole, Adam, Elliot, and Stephanie. I have a feeling I've forgotten I'm sorry...

Anyways, it was super fun. We watched John Tucker Must Die, which I liked, other then the fact that she started falling for the jerk, just because I hate it when that happens in movies, especially since there was a perfectly awesome guy (the jerk's brother) who was so nice, and it was so obvious he liked her and everything...anyways. It turned out alright which was good. If the jerk wasn't such a jerk, some of the things he did would have actually been quite's too bad he was a jerk though. Darn.

Hey, I was actually so distracted with this post, I let my apple cider cool before trying to drink it, meaning for once in my life I didn't burn my tongue. Cool.

Back to the movie night, we also watched There's Something About Mary. Which was also a good movie, quite hilarious, although there were some parts that I really didn't feel the need to see. It also started some discussions, mostly between Adam and Yuki, that I really could have gone the rest of my life without hearing. So, I'm now scarred for if I wasn't before.

Orchestra started today! I'm quite happy. I love our new pieces. The Beethoven (7th Symphony) is cool, even though it kinda just keeps going and going and going...but, at the same time, there are little parts where suddenly the whole orchestra is quite, and I'm like...'oh, would you look at that...I'm the only one playing...' And those moments are very fun.

The Dvorak (New World Symphony in e minor) is great. I love it so much. It's also got little moments where it's really only me, even if most of them are marked. It's also just really fun to play. I'll have to practice, naturally, but it's fun. The slow movement I swear I've heard before, seeing as I can remember singing/whistling it. I just don't know where I would have heard it. I think I'll ask Andrea, seeing as we've heard most of the same stuff. I think. Anyways.

I made a bracelet for Randall. I meant to take a picture of it before I left so I could post it here, but I finished it pretty much just in time to leave. It was blue, green and purple/marroon/burgandy. I don't really know how to describe that last colour. I also told her I'd make her a zig-zag one that's pink, aqua, and black. So I'll have to get on that before I get to busy. But I also have to practice tomorrow (of course) and finish my arrangement so we can play it in rehearsal tomorrow, as long as the rest of my wind quintet doesn't mind being experimental hamsters for a few minutes.

Speaking of cameras, my mom says that dad's thinking of getting a new camera, which makes me super excited because I really don't like the one we have right now. I want a smaller one. And a better memory card, actually.


"I can tell the future...if you ever hear me whistling a song you don't know that's the next song we'll be playing in band."

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