Thursday, January 04, 2007

Home again =)

Ah, it feels good to be home again. Spain was soo much fun, but it's still good to be home. I can't wait to see everybody again. I have so many stories from Spain, but I don't feel like sharing all of them now. I'd just go on forever, and I've already been talking a lot about it to my parents, so I feel like just calming down for now.

I don't really feel like saying anything else right now. I just felt bad for not posting, so I figured I'd drop a quick note to say I got home safely. I suppose I should reply to some of my e-mails....but, sorry guys, there's always tomorrow. I love you dearly, but I love sleep too.

I'll probably stay on to chat a little longer, but otherwise, I think I'll be off the computer pretty soon. Too tired.


"Jasmine...they have bread..."

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Melda said...

*Bounces* Yay, you're back! And yes, you'd better reply to my email :) I'm pretty sure there's one from me there...but I could be wrong...because I'm listening to the Curse of the Black Pearl soundtrack on the awesome new stereo headphones we got for Christmas and it makes me a little...crazy...