Friday, April 13, 2007

Break out the Emergency chocolate

Not the best day ever today. Although I did open my own bank account, and got a bunch of trusts and stuff that was in my name, from various things. So that's cool. I have money. =P Now I just have to start doing stuff to put money in there...because it'll get depressing really fast if I'm always taking money out, and never putting any in.

The rest of the school day wasn't great. I was really not in a people mood. You wouldn't imagine how many people I looked at and just wanted them to go die in a very deep hole. Well, most of them were just random people in the know, the type that stand around in the middle of the halls, in the way of everything, apparently ignoring the fact that maybe other people have places to be, even if they don't. It was a relief when the final bell rang. Although then I was reminded that I had meant to talk to a bunch of people, and I never did. So I attempted to do that in the band room, but I'd get halfway through a conversation with somebody, and then they would suddenly turn and start talking to somebody else. Which was more then a little depressing. It was very nice when Henry asked if I needed a corner, and lead me away from the crowd of people.

I really wasn't in the mood to go to my bassoon lesson. Especially since I hadn't practiced my scales. And of course, that was the first thing she asked me to play. So after failing miserably, she said I had to seriously sit down and learn them. Yippee. After that was better, other then the fact that my reed didn't want to cooperate. She just had me play through both my exam pieces, which I've played through a bunch lately.

All Cities cheered me up, for the most part, which was nice. Bring a friend night was fun, and I hope our Abe friends didn't hate it completely. I did get to sit beside a new bari sax person who came...he was pretty cute. =P

It kinda sucks how one little thing can very quickly make you change your opinion about somebody. It actually really sucks when that one thing makes you lose some (if not a bunch) of respect for said person (and/or people). *sigh*

I wish I were a guy. =P


"In the middle of rehearsal, I'll just yell, "Dan! Ten push-ups!'"


Aber-Horn said...

Robyn posted xkcd on her links thingy!!!

Calminaiel said...

That's what I do with totally awesome links that I find. =) They go on my list of totally awesome links. lol