Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alone in English class

Yup, today's my first English class alone. Kelskie said I'd get more work done now that nobody's here to distract me. Do you think that's true? Not at all. Instead of working, I browsed other people's blogs for a while, then I checked out what was going on at Facebook for a while. Then I debated whether to write a note on facebook, or another entry for my blog. Obviously, the blog won.

So, I think the period's going to end in about two minutes. I didn't really start this until the very end of class...there was a bunch of stuff to look at on Facebook, dispite the fact that the majority of my friends are in New York right now. Plus, this computer's not exactly super fast, so it takes things a while to load.

I brought my camera to school today. My new camera. =) I'm going to take pictures and post them on Facebook. Call the album something along the lines of "While You were In New York..."


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