Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's official!

Yup, I officially have the best friends in the whole world. They left for New York today, which, for those who don't know, is where Abe symphonic band is going for our band trip this year. You'll notice I didn't include myself in there. Nope, I made it into National Youth Band, which is unfortunatly at the same time as New York. I had to choose. =P

Anyways, enough of that. The point is that yesterday when we were saying goodbye, everybody was saying that they'll miss me, and that I'll have an amazing time, and they'll bring me back things and pictures. Devra said that she'd get a bunch of pictures for me, and that I've got an amazing opportunity with NYB, which was awesome.

Then today my phone vibrated during physics, so as soon as I could I went to the bathroom and checked it. It was from Kelskie, so I checked the voice message she left me, and it was so awesome. She said they were at the airport, and slightly bored, but they hoped I was doing alright at school and stuff. Then she's like, "So, here's Hannah." And Hannah talked for a while and then was like, "So, here's Chloe," and Chloe talked for a while, and then she was like "And, here's Rebeccah," and Rebeccah talked for a bit. It was soo awesome, and I love them all soooo much, like you can't even imagine. My phone wouldn't let me call them back, but I texted her, saying how much I love them all, and to have a blast.

Then after physics, during lunch, I got a text from Chloe saying she'll miss me and she loves me. Now, I was getting sentimental after that voice message, so now I was like "Aw!!" And so I texted her back too, attempting to express how much I love all of them via text message. =P

So basically after that, almost anything Aidan or Henry did made me think about the awesome friends I have, and how awesome they all are, and how I love all of them! I know I gushed to Corey last night about it, and at lunch I was like "Henry...I love you guys!"

So, there was my discovery of the day. I can't wait until they get back from New York, and I get back from PEI, because I'm totally going to hug all of them, and never let them go!


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Melda said...

Lol, you added my How to Give A Great Man-to-Man hug video :) I love that one.


Calminaiel said...

Of course I added that one. I found it quite amusing, and therefore blog-worthy. =)