Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I had the best day I've had in a while...it was pretty cool. I rather liked it. And the Easter bunny brought so much sugar! It'll last me...well, at least another day. =P I came home and all the jubjubes were gone...so that was sad...but there's still jellybeans. And I hid all my emergency chocolate, so I can be sure nobody will take it.

My mouth actually isn't that bad after not playing for a week. Wind Ensemble was kinda hard, but I think that was mostly because I didn't warm up properly, and that reed wasn't the best. In fact, there were at least a couple times when I practically chipped the whole corner off. I know it'll break eventually. But while it still works, I might as well keep using it. And my practice after theory class today was amazing. My reed was awesome, other then the fact that it wouldn't play loud in the low register, but I'm sure if I had opened it up it would have done what I needed. But I didn't feel like dealing with my reed. That's what band class is for. =P Don't tell Paddock I said that...he might possibly kill me...

Choir sectionals didn't go too bad today, although I really need to get my singing voice bad. I feel like I have to completely change my voice from high register to low...that's not good. I guess that's what comes from singing high Fs during the spring break. =P

Yay for reading Shakespeare! I really want to read the part of the fool next class...that's awesome. I love that character, he's amazing. That class is slowly causing me to have the complete mind-set of a typical band geek...it's slightly frightening.

Okay...I really need to do my physics homework, because I put it off last night, meaning I have to do it all tonight. Hopefully I still remember how to do the lab application questions we're supposed to do. And I'm going to pray I know what to say for my conclusion.

Oh, and I know I've been promising pics of hot guys in Spain for the longest time. And I was honestly going to upload them. But my computer (or blogger, either one) doesn't seem to want to upload pics for me at the moment. But be assured, I haven't forgotten, and they will be posted eventually.


"I can't get it up - sorry."

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