Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Deja Vu?

Here I am again...sitting at the computer with my physics in front of me. Only this time I actually have to get both my labs done, because then I might actually be kinda caught up in physics. Then I just have to let him know that I can't write the final exam when I'm supposed to write the final exam, and I should be good. He said we're going to move on to light this week, which really sucks, because we were just getting into sound and it's sooo fascinating! There are a couple things we talked about that I've actually talked about in band class before, such as hearing beats when notes are out of tune (or, in physics class, hearing beats from two conflicting frequencies), and different frequencies giving different pitches. I actually didn't fully understand that until it hit me that A 440 is simply that...A has a frequency of 440 Hz. After that it was so much easier to understand things. Actually, I had a lot of things hit me today in physics class that it relates in some way to music. It's really neat. I even remembered our theory teacher giving us a talk about how, if you take A 440, and mulitply it by the twelfth root of two, you get Bb, and if you multiply that by the twelfth root of two, you bet a B. And then he said if you take A 440, and multiply it my three fourths, you get a major third above it. And not an out of tune major third like on the piano, it's actually a major third in perfect tune with A 440. It's really neat, I'm taking that knowledge to my physics teacher tomorrow.

Anyways, enough about physics. I just find the whole sound unit really really cool, especially since I really started realizing how it relates to music. It's soo cool. I have a couple questions I want to ask Craig in tutorial tomorrow...although I'm not sure if he'll be able to answer them, seeing as they're strictly music questions in a sense...maybe it'd be a better idea to ask Waters...I'm sure he'd know. He knows everything.

Hehe, Paddock got facebook. It's so awesome, I totally added him as a friend. As we left the band room after lunch, we saw him updating his profile. =P

Yes, the dentist was today. Sadly. My mouth still hurts, and it's 9:00. My appointment was at 2:00 ish. They only dug about 4 different sharp, pointy objects into my teeth. And they said I have to get my wisdom teeth out! I can't afford to stop playing! They kept insisting that I need to do in when I have some down time, and I'm like, listen, I'm not kidding when I say I don't have any down time! So, I know it won't happen for, like, another six months, but I'm still scared, because I'm sure it'll conflict with something or other...let's just hope it doesn't conflict with the U of C Wind Ensemble, providing I get in. I talked to Mike last night and I feel better about going for it then I used to.

Mike's gonna be in the U of C orchestra, and the wind ensemble! That guy's amazing...I hope I can be like him in the next couple years...

So, anyways, I can home from the dentist and seriously suffered for a couple hours, because my mouth really really hurt. I couldn't even practice, which is making me kinda nervous. I hope my mouth is better by tomorrow, because I really need to play.

So after suffering I crashed on the couch, and seriously, I can hardly remember closing my eyes, and I was asleep. I'm not sure how long I was out for, but I remember waking up at 7, and thinking that I can lay down for a little longer, and then the next time I opened my eyes to check the time, it was 8. So I decided to get up and have dinner, and actually get my physics homework done.

And instead I'm sitting here, writing in my blog. =P So I'd better go now, because this time I can't afford to put it off with the intent to ask Steph about it tomorrow, I need to get it done so I can hand it in at tutorials tomorrow.


"Why can't she be with Tit-Coq...and still be married to Leopold? Then she could have both of them."

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