Friday, May 25, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean 3!

Yes, I just got back from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 3! It's so amazing, I love it so much. Be careful if you're going to continue reading, there may be some slight spoilers. So, if you're not willing to take that risk, you'd better just stop reading.

Anyways. I found the perfect way to describe that movie. You know in the first / second movie, where Jack always seems to switch sides, and you're never quite sure who he's with, or if he's even with anybody at all? Well, it's exactly like that in the third movie, only twice as bad...and with everybody, not just Jack. It can actually get quite confusing, because I could hardly ever remember who was supposedly 'sided' with who. But it was so great.

There were some parts where I swear, I thought Jack had seriously lost it this time. I'm not sure if he really is losing it moreso then before, or maybe we're just seeing a side of Jack that was always there. Either way, it was slightly odd. But still very awesome.

Okay, at the very end, Will totally looks amazing as a pirate! Seriously! I mean, it's just like...woah...I mean, I'm not even going to go into the feelings that brings out. =P However, I was slightly dissapointed by the ending situation between him and Elizabeth. It's just slightly...yeah, dissapointing. But, Will totally makes up for it, by looking amazing as a pirate. I mean, brother said he inspires to look like that one day. I inspire to date somebody who looks like that one But seriously, if a pirate like Will ever comes to my door...I'll have no choice but to go out with him. =P

Oh, wow, I could go on and on, but I think I'm going to stop. Oh, except for the music! It was soo cool, I love Hans Zimmer soo much. I must buy that soundtrack. My favorite bit of music is pretty much during the whole battle scene at the end of the movie. Very amazing. And there was one part near the beginning where you could totally hear the bassoon. It was pretty awesome.

So amazing...I love pirates. Especially ones that look like Will. Oh, we also got to see shirtless Jack briefly, which I think was also a bonus. Wasn't quite as awesome as Pirate Will, but still pretty cool.

Alright, must finish up business on the computer so I can hopefully get off and get a have decent sleep before orchestra tomorrow.


"Playing Pomp and Circumstance is like the right of passage into grade have to sit through it, and play it, all the while knowing the grade 12s are going to be walking as slowly as possible. Just remember that we get to do that next year..."

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Anonymous said...

"I inspire to date somebody who looks like that one "
as long as his name is Leopold =P

I agree though, it was a good movie.
Will was kind of a tool.
but he's pretty, so it's okay =)