Saturday, May 26, 2007

Things to Remember:

Never stop talking to your friend. Never. Anybody that you want to keep close to, don't ever think it's okay just to cut off communications for a while. I learned that at least once the hard way, and I almost feel like I barely dodged another bullet. So don't ever stop talking to friends for any reason.

Don't be afraid to open up a little bit every once in a while. I know it's not pleasent to feel like everybody knows everything about you, but if you just open up a little bit to a friend, and then maybe a little bit to another friend, it just makes life that much easier. It's really not worth it to hold everything inside all the time.

"Don't cry, always look on the bright side." For the record, never believe that statement. It's actually really stupid. If you need to cry, please just do it. Life's too short to hold things in, for whatever reason. Just let them out. It's the easiest way to move on. You're body can't heal if poison from a cut. bite, whatever, is kept inside. Why should life be any different? It's not. Let it out, so you can keep living. Being happy all the time isn't living. It's acting. And all roles get old eventually.

Who cares what other people think of you? Honestly. If you're surrounded by an awesome group of friends, who cares what anybody else thinks of you? And if your group of friends really is that awesome, they'll stick with you no matter what happens.

Just, in general, life is too short to worry a lot. Sure, there will still be worrying, there always will be. There'll be stress, tears, all that jazz. But life's too short to focus on those short periods of time when things are going downhill.

I could probably go on for a lot longer on this subject. But that's mostly what I wanted to get down from now. And looking at this, I could actually use some of my own points to, hopefully, turn my life into what I'd like it to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my life as it is. But even so, there are certain elements of it that I would like to see different. And life's too short to simply accept the things that you might be able to change. I know I can't instantly make things better tomorrow, or the next day, or maybe even in the next few months. But maybe if I can just keep those things in mind, maybe slowly I can start to make my life even better.

I dunno, maybe I'm pushing my luck. Maybe I should just be happy with what I have. And I am. But somebody once told me if you know you want something, then think about it. Think about it when you wake up, and before you fall asleep. Think about what it'd be like to have it, and just generally keep it in mind. One day it'll come. They said it almost always worked for them.

I think I'll try it.


"Experience is the hardest teacher. It gives the test first, and the lesson afterwards."


Melda said...

*Slightly anxious* Well, as I've told one of my friends I think our friendship needs a break until the end of June at that particular thing to remember doesn't apply...


Calminaiel said...

*shrugs* Sometimes that's needed. And it can work. In my experience, it doesn't, so I usually try to avoid that happening. I hope things work out for you. =)

Melda said...

Yeah, me too. I would elaborate on the story...but if you're actually interested, email me :P cause it's not really something you post on vlog comments.