Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yay, I'm actually posting again. It's later then it usually is when I post...but I really should get back into the habit of posting more often, or I might have a few people a little angry with me...=P

Not that I have much to say really. I should have done something productive today. I didn't. Oh well. I did have my audition today for Academy and CYO. I think it went pretty well. At least, I didn't come out feeling like I had completely failed, so that's something. And then Aidan was right after me, so I stuck around to hear his audition. He sounded quite good. I hope he gets in, that'll be so much fun.

I actually did very little work today. I skipped physics, because I missed most of it because of my audition anyways, so I just didn't really rush to school, and I conveniently missed the whole period. I did almost nothing in french, other then think up a single idea for a project, which was later useless anyways, because me and Randall joined up with Steph, Sarah, and Emily. Speaking of which, I need to memorize my french lines (all two of them) for tomorrow...=P

I studied for math in english, and then watched presentations. And then I took our cumulatif test in math. =P I didn't really like it...but I didn't come out of it feeling too horrible...I guess we'll see. But I really don't need another math test bringing my mark down...I'm pretty much as far down as I can risk right now, so I really need to start pulling my mark up.

This next little while is going to be so hard. I don't know why this seems like it's so hard on me, but it really does. Everytime I really think of the grade 12s leaving, I seriously feel like crying. It's actually kinda weird. But still. It wasn't like this in jr. high...but I guess I wasn't super attached to the grade 9s like I am to the grade 12s. I mean, we won't have Alisair, or Shayne, or Andrea...what will we do without Andrea? If it wasn't for Andrea, I don't even know where I'd be right now...she's pretty much the person I always go to when I don't know what's going on. How will the band (and band council) manage without her? I mean, she does everything, she organizes everything, and finds out everything we need to know...I just can't imagine the band without her.

What will wind ensemble be like without the grade 12s? There wasn't a great interest in it from this years grade 10s. It's a lot smaller then it was last year, and from the looks of things, it might possibly be even smaller next year. And what about jazz? Half our trumpets are gone, 3/4 of the trombones are leaving! Our sax section might be able to manage...but still. It won't be the same.

I seriously look up to the grade 12s. They always seem to be calm and cool about everything, and they always know what's going on, the whole been there, done that deal. I'm not ready to take their place as the cool and calm person! I've always wanted to be like them when I get to grade 12...but I'm totally not going to be like that!

Hmph...I don't want them to go...How much you wanna bet that I'll be bugging Andrea over facebook/e-mail constantly next year? =P

Okay...enough about that...I'll worry about next year when I get there...meanwhile, I'm going to be kept busy. I have to keep practicing hard for my exam, more or less for my scales in particular, which still aren't at a decent grade 8 level. After that I'll have to keep practicing to get familiar with the pieces I'll be playing at Colorado camp, which will be interesting, to say the least. That'll keep me busy (in more ways then one) for three weeks. Then I'm back, but I have to be sure to keep practicing to ensure that I get first bassoon over Matt at Red Deer camp, which last two weeks, Then I still have to keep in shape for the U of C workshop (that I really should sign up for...), and after that I have to continue to practice my butt off for U of C wind ensemble auditions.

By that time we're back into school, which means I'll be getting ready for band camp, and my bassoon teacher will start me on new stuff, probably for grade 9 and 10, which she was talking about getting me to do next year.

To add on to all of that, apparently I need my two bottom wisdom teeth out, so that'll probably happen around February of next year...I really hope it doesn't conflict too horribly with any music thing, because that would really really suck...

Speaking of conflicting, all of these conflicting dates are popping up everywhere...Miranda's vegetarian potluck is on the same night as a CPO concert. The band paintball day is the same day as the CYO. So I'm trying to either pick one, or weasel my way into doing both. Miranda's I know if worst came to worst, I could go to her place for about two hours before I'd have to go down to the concert. I'm gonna see if I can somehow convince the organizers of the band paintball trip to leave maybe slightly earlier then we have done in the past, so that I can get a few round in before I scurry off to the CYO concert...hopefully having a shower before hand so I don't smell like dirt/sweat/paint, etc...=P

Wow. That was certainly more then I thought I was going to write. I was thinking of going in early tomorrow, as is my usual routine, but I might possibly just sleep in. My mom can take me to school tomorrow at any time. Plus, I haven't heard my alarm go off recently...which leads me to believe that either my alarm clock needs replacing (which would suck, because I like that clock) or I'm starting to sleep through it completely. Which is not good, because I don't like thinking that I'm getting so exhausted that I'm sleeping through an alarm that's going off 12 inches away from my head...

As a side note, me and Graham have decided that we need iPod speakers. We're getting tired of having no music when we go downstairs to play video games...especially since we've gotten into the habit of signing while we play. =P Often it's really random, it's actually hilarious.

And speaking of video games, I need to get more games, more controllers, and more friends who want to have spontanious Wii parties. Because getting together with friends is so much fun, and I really love it. Plus, it makes me believe that I actually have time to fit in a social life next to music. Which is a nice thought, even if I am just kidding

Alright, now I really have to stop...I should probably go to bed here soon, but I'll probably end up talking on msn a little bit longer. Just like how I should probably start the four english things I still need to finish, but I'll probably end up leaving them all until the last weekend...


"So we go up, down, up down, up down, and then up, up, and down?"

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