Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm back!

Yes, I am indeed back from PEI/Halifax, where I was playing with NYB! It was soo much fun, and I'm sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I've been so busy between catching up, and uploading pictures on facebook (which is taking forever, by the way. I'm still not done), I've just been quite busy at night, and by the time I remember about my blog, it's after 11:00, at which point I'm too tired to make sense.

Anyways, I had a blast with NYB, it was sooo much fun. Like, more fun then I ever imagined it would be. I loved it so much, and I'm totally going again next year. And the year after. And every year until I'm too old to be in it. And even then I might still audition, I know there were some people there who were technically over the age 'limit'.

I don't know if I said this, although everybody probably picked up on it, but the past few months I've felt very controlled by my emotions. I couldn't think rationally, because I was either super happy and optimistic, to the point where I did stupid things, or wanted to do stupid things, or I was super depressed I couldn't think straight because I couldn't see the point in life anymore.

But that's over now! I found myself again! Apparently I was somewhere in the middle of PEI...go figure. =P Not sure how I got all the way over there. The point it, ever since I came back from NYB, I've felt like...I dunno, almost exactly the way I was like exactly a year ago...'cept a little older, and maybe a little wiser...and a little more corrupted. But I'm finding I can actually think clearly now, and I'm in more control of my moods. It's so nice to be back. I love this feeling.

I don't like being the reason that there's distance between me and a friend, but I'm afraid to say, this time it is my fault. And I was to say I'm sorry. I'm honestly not really mad, more like really dissapointed. I'm sorry I can't say this directly to you, and I'm sorry I'm not going to say much more, but to make a long story short, I am really just dissapointed, and I don't want to go into this too much, because I'm afraid of saying something that might just end up tearing us apart even further. So instead I just want to let it die down a bit. I'm not sure what else to say on this subject. Interpret it as you will...

Now I must go and try to get at least some physics done, so I can attempt to keep up in that class. Geez, Craig never gives us homework that he actually takes in more then once every other week, and of course the time he decides to change that is the week that I'm not here. Thanks for that. At least it's not as bad as Math. I'm still passing physics. =P And thank goodness french was a breeze to catch up in. Although maybe I should actually read scenes 1, 2, and 3, before the quiz tomorrow...conventiently on scenes 1, 2, and 3...

Oh, and we had an awesome skit night at NYB, otherwise known as NYB Live. There are some parts of it one youtube. I'll put them under my list of youtube videos sometime...although maybe not tonight.

Darn it, Ryley said something in French and I was totally going to use it as a blog quote...but now I can't remember what it is...that sucks.


"Will you go out with me?"
"Sure. Where to?"

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robyn update jeeze! i'm even getting better then you at updating