Friday, February 15, 2008

Grad Shopping

And so it begins.

I went shopping for a dress today. It was kinda weird, as I haven't worn a dress since...well, since I basically had no figure whatsoever. =P

Dad: So, how did it feel going dress shopping? Was it weird?
Me: Well, kinda, yeah. I felt like a cat taking a bath.
Dad: But cats never take baths.
Me: Exactly.

That pretty much sums it up right there. I also have to get my hair done the day of. I think I'm going to do it after the ceremony and before the banquet. Getting it done for the ceremony would mean getting up even earlier than necessary and then keeping it nice all day. I don't mean that I don't care how my hair looks for the ceremony. I'll still keep it looking decent. I just don't think I have to go all out for it.

I also need new shoes. As much as I'm not usually all for having ten thousand pairs of shoes, I will admit that I have nothing to match my dress. And that's kinda saying something, as I'm also usually not one to know what goes with what.

I'm also kinda considering getting a purse to match as well. Again, I don't usually like carrying things around with me, but seeing as my dress clearly won't have pockets, it'll be nice to have a way of carrying my phone, lip chap, and other such things with me.

On another note, I really do hope my throat's getting better. The first two days I was just losing my voice, and even most of today I was fine. But this evening I started coughing more, and I really hope it doesn't continue. I don't mind having a sore throat, or even having no voice, but I hate coughing.

Practice Journal:

Yeah...don't tell anybody, but I kinda haven't practiced in a while. Like, quite a while. It's not good.

I need to get a real job.

I also need to accept the fact that my life is never going to get any less busy. So I should stop waiting for it to do so.

Stupid throat.

If I suddenly disappear within the next few days, my throat killed me.

In other news, my brother's going to use my uncle's computer to hook up the WiFi for Wii. I'm excited. I'm pretty sure it'll work for the DS too, which is even more exciting. Although I do wish he had been able to do all of this for my exam break. I didn't even have the Wii over exam break because our TV died just before. Just my luck eh? Oh well.

Pray for my survival,


"You need to be bigger. Like, hurt somebody. Not yourself. But anybody else is fair game."

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