Friday, February 29, 2008

Rum and coke make my fingers moveable

Sometimes I just can't get over how good life is. Those are always good days.

And then something gets thrown at you to distract you from that thought.

But it'll come back. It always does. Those random moments where you suddenly feel full to the brim with joy, and you just feel like laughing for no particular reason. Usually these moments come at inopportune times, like during rehearsal or something. But no matter. It's almost better that way. Joy can be shared between friends anytime. It's something else to be experiencing it, and be forced to share it through other means, be it music, or silently wishing the best for everybody around you.

And let's all wave goodbye as Robyn's train of thought vanishes into the horizon.

Just when I thought our drama was over. I should've known life wouldn't let us get away that easily. Apparently our lives were lacking excitement.

But it could be worse. We can deal with this, and hopefully no lives will be drastically changed in the process.

Not that that's always a bad thing, but still.


"Buy chocolates!!"
"Woah, calm down, I actually need all the information. What is this?"
"Buy chocolates!!"
"How much?"
"Three dollars!!"
"From who?"
"All the time!!"

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